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Best Cruises West of the Mississippi

For those of you who live on the East coast, the land west of the Mississippi can seem almost like a foreign country.

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Great Lakes

Had a lovely time on our Great Lakes Cruise. The tours were wonderful. The food was excellent and we liked the way they displayed the meal choices so you could see what the dishes looked like before ordering. We also enjoyed the speakers. The crew of the M/V Victory was friendly and efficient.  

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American Empress

This cruise was fantastic. Our ship the American Empress was very comfortable and the small ship atmosphere relaxing; her crew was most efficient; the food (both the buffet and the dining room) was varied and very tasty; and the scenery was gorgeous. Our riverlorian (we had Laurence) was very well informed and a good presenter.

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Best Interpretive Museums Along the Columbia River

The Columbia River Gorge is rich with history, both natural and manmade. In that, locals and historians have done their parts in exhibiting and preserving this history, namely through the construction and continued maintenance of beautiful museums. Below are a few of our favorites, all of which, in their own ways, tell the wonderful history

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Winery to Highlight: Phelps Creek Vineyards

Robert Morus was a pilot for Delta Airlines. He’d decided to open a winery, but it had to be within a 90-mile radius of Portland International Airport. “There was no vineyard here at the time,” he told Gorge Magazine, speaking of the hillside property on Hood River’s Westside. “Just land and a lot of welcoming

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Tips for First-Time Winery Visitors

You’d think visiting a winery is straightforward enough: eat a decent meal beforehand, stay hydrated and try not to get too drunk! Well, those things are important, but there’s more you can do to prepare yourself for visiting a winery, especially in the Columbia River Gorge. Here are our best tips:

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Four Fascinating Facts About Bonneville Dam

The Bonneville Dam was one of the most innovative American industrial projects of the early 20th century. It was proposed in 1929 by the Army Corps of Engineers, and it wasn’t until Franklin Roosevelt took office that any action took place.

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When’s the Best Time to Visit the Columbia River?

When it comes to visiting Oregon or Washington, most people immediately balk at any season that isn’t “summer”. The gray skies and rainy reputation are enough to hold people off for nine months out of the year.

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Best Local Food in Pacific Northwest

Most cities in America have that one dish that—when you visit—you just have to try. New York has the bagel, Chicago owns the Deep-dish pizza, Philadelphia is the land of cheese steaks. When people ask what’s the best regional cuisine in Pacific Northwest, most of us are kind of stumped. “Um…salmon?” That’s because there isn’t

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