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When’s the Best Time to Visit the Columbia River?

When it comes to visiting Oregon or Washington, most people immediately balk at any season that isn’t “summer”. The gray skies and rainy reputation are enough to hold people off for nine months out of the year.

A sunny day over the Columbia River

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Best Local Food in Pacific Northwest

Most cities in America have that one dish that—when you visit—you just have to try. New York has the bagel, Chicago owns the Deep-dish pizza, Philadelphia is the land of cheese steaks. When people ask what’s the best regional cuisine in Pacific Northwest, most of us are kind of stumped. “Um…salmon?” That’s because there isn’t

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Why Did Woody Guthrie Love the Columbia River So Much?

Woody Guthrie moved to Portland with his family in 1941. At the time, a documentary was being made about the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River, and Guthrie was hired by the government to write songs that would encourage support from the public in regards to the new hydroelectric dams being built.

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Whale Blubber and Reindeer Dogs: An Introduction to Alaska’s Local Cuisine

Some dishes, like pizza from New York or gumbo from New Orleans, are so famous that you don’t need these types of posts to introduce them.

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Five Things Agents Might Not Know About American Cruise Lines

It’s not the weather, nor the food nor the quality of beds. Do you know what can make or break a cruise experience? Your travel agent.

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Discoveries Along Alaska’s Secret Passageways

For Alaskan cruising, you have two main options: go big or go natural. We’ll explain.

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The Constellation – in Person!

In February, Cindy and Donavan went to American Cruise Line headquarters, who we’ve partnered with for many years. While there, they met people, toured the office, and got to visit the shipyard and see the new American Constellation! Yesterday, this arrived: American Cruise Lines sent us this beautiful model of the American Constellation! The details

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USA River Cruises: Sapphire Award from American Queen Steamboat Company

On April 27, 2017, we were visited by Pamela, our company partner from American Queen Steamboat Company. We discussed the good work we’ve done together, not just in 2016 but since the company began cruising in 2012. For our partnership in 2016, USA River Cruises was awarded the Sapphire Sales Award and presented with this

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Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Death’s Door

We wanted to fill you in on a little secret. Did you know one of the most destructive sites for shipwrecks in the entire world is located in the US?

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Charming Columbia River Towns You Can’t Resist

Always peaceful, typically quaint, often with leftover relics from all the history that preceded the area: it’s no surprise why people are so drawn to river towns. The river sets the pace for the people, acting like the city’s metronome in a way, and makes for a place of calming and relaxation. Along the Columbia

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