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South Georgia & Falkland Islands

Rates & Dates:

Trip Length: 20 Days/ 19 Nights

Prices from: $13,780 pp/do*

Ships: National Geographic Explorer

Notes: Optional Extension: Easter Island, Post-voyage. 4 Days
*Per Person/Double Occupancy. Special Single Rates apply where listed.

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South Georgia & Falkland Islands

If the epic stories of discovery, endurance and polar explorers like Shackleton, or the sheer magnificence of ice-capped peaks don’t grab you, the wildlife certainly will: penguins (king, gentoo and macaroni), sea lions, fur seals and enormous elephant seals cozy up to these shores. Only here on South Georgia can you observe one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles: literally, 100,000 king penguins on a single beach. This is the expedition for wildlife or photography enthusiasts, or for those who have already been to Antarctica and want more.

Decades of exploring South Georgia and the Falklands has given the Lindblad staff the expertise and time needed to survey the islands’ terrain for hiking routes, as well as to uncover important landing spots that we will now be able to call on with ease. You’ll go by Zodiac and kayak where few have gone.

When to go? Nowhere is springtime as intense as in the southern ocean. In October, the land is fueled by sunlight and food and life here explodes in a frantic race to breed. Spring is the best time to see the raucous courtship behavior of the penguins: calling for mates and flashing and preening their bright colors. Then in March, late summer in the Antarctic region, the chicks have hatched and grown a fuzzy brown down of feathers. You can walk the beaches as thousands of king parents go about their busy lives, taking turns bringing food to their chick.

South Georgia is the ultimate destination for jaw-dropping scenery, boundless wildlife and captivating history, and it will affect the way you tell stories about travel and wildlife adventures for years to come.


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DAY 1 — U.S./Santiago, Chile

Depart Miami on an overnight flight to Santiago. Please inquire for other gateways.


DAY 2 — Santiago

With the soaring Andes as a backdrop, Santiago makes a welcoming first impression on arrival — as does our hotel, the Grand Hyatt Santiago, located in a gracious residential neighborhood. The morning is free. After lunch, join a panoramic exploration of the city, including a visit to the Pre-Columbian Museum. (L,D)

Santiago/Ushuaia, Argentina/Embark Ship

DAY 3 — Santiago/Ushuaia, Argentina/Embark Ship

The morning’s LAN Chile charter flight offers some rare views as we fly over the rugged terrain of Patagonia before landing in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. We’ll have a traditional Argentinian barbecue for lunch and then embark our ship. (B,L,D)

At Sea—South Atlantic Ocean

DAY 4 — At Sea—South Atlantic Ocean

We relax and settle in to shipboard life, listening to informal discussions from our Naturalist staff to prepare us for the wildness ahead and spending time on deck and on the Bridge, scanning for seabirds, humpback and southern right whales. (B,L,D)

Falkland Islands

DAY 5-6 — Falkland Islands

Each Falkland Island is a variation on the theme of topographical beauty with white-sand beaches, vaulting cliffs, windswept moors and the sunlit yellows and sage greens of waving tussock grass. The Falklands boast the largest albatross colony in the world, thousands of irresistible gentoo, rockhopper and Magellanic penguins, as well as herds of fur and elephant seals. And, our visit to Port Stanley offers a chance to meet the hospitable locals, hoist a few at the famous Upland Goose pub and meander this remote Victorian town. (B,L,D)


DAY 7-8 — At Sea

During our days at sea, we learn about the fascinating history of Antarctic exploration, as well as the flora, fauna and geology of South Georgia. A lookout is kept to identify the seabirds that follow our ship: wandering albatross, prions and black-browed albatross. (B,L,D)

South Georgia Island

DAY 9-14 — South Georgia Island

These days are devoted to exploring the spectacular coastline of South Georgia Island. In keeping with the nature of an expedition, the schedule is flexible. Throughout our journey there will be opportunities for walking, hiking, kayaking and Zodiac excursions. Leisurely circumnavigating the island, we plan to make stops every day including Grytviken, the final resting place of Shackleton, and Stromness Bay where Shackleton, Tom Crean and Frank Worsley finally reached aid at a whaling station. And, at St. Andrew’s Bay, you may come upon 100,000 king penguins! (B,L,D)

At Sea

DAY 15-16 — At Sea

These days are spent relaxing at Sea in the Southern Ocean, enjoying the amenities of the ship, hearing talks from our expedition staff, and absorbing all that we've seen and heard so far. (B,L,D)

Falkland Islands

DAY 17 — Falkland Islands

Our journey across theSouth Atlantic Ocean takes us once more to the island archipelago that teems with the wondes of nature and wildlife. Take a last walk along the beautiful white-sand beaches, meander through the tussock grass or sit atop a cliff and ponder the views. (B,L,D)

At Sea

DAY 18 — At Sea

Our final days at sea allow us time to relax and reflect on all that we have seen and learned. At the Bridge, observe expert navigation at work as our skilled Captain and officers navigate the same waters that Shackleton and his expedition sailed aboard the Endurance. Sometimes misty and gray, other times calm and clear, the crossing is unforgettable — a milestone in any adventurer’s personal travel history. (B,L,D)


Photo Credit: Lindblad Expeditions