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American Constitution

The newest ship in the American Cruise Line fleet has been announced for 2018: the American Constitution! Carrying 175 passengers, the American Constitution is being built with the latest in technology and sophisticated decor for a modern coastal cruise ship. You’ll enjoy complimentary wi-fi, have elevator access to all decks, and exercise room, lounges and a grand dining room that can accommodate all guests eating together. In your spacious stateroom, you’ll enjoy hotel-size private bathrooms, satellite tv and dvd player, private balcony with sliding glass door in most staterooms, and twice daily stateroom service.


Deck Plan


Constitution Cabin Categories


2018 Schedule

Grand Historic South 10-night Cruise: February 24; March 6, 16, 26; April 5, 15; November 6, 16.

Chesapeake Bay 7-night Cruise: April 28; May 5

Chesapeake Bay 6-night Cruise: May 12

Grand New England 10-night Cruise: May 20, 30; June 9, 19, 29; July 13, 23; August 2, 12, 22; September 1, 11;

Maine Coast & Harbors 7-night Cruise: July 6

Hudson River 7-night Cruise: September 22, 29; October 6, 13, 20.

East Coast 10-night Autumn Cruise: October 17.

Historic South & Golden Isles 7-night Cruise: November 26; December 3, 10, 23, 30.

Photo Credit: American Cruise Lines