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Blount Small Ships

Blount small ship cruises all have features specifically designed for the needs of small ship cruising, with shore ramps and shallow drafts (which allow them to sail in very shallow water) to take you on adventures where the large ships can’t go. They also have a unique feature where they can collapse their pilot house, allowing for the ships to fit in even tighter spaces! Check out the ships and their cruises below!

Grand Caribe













Length: 184′
Beam: 40′
Draft: 6’6″
Passenger Capacity: 88
Passenger Cabins: 44
Built By: Blount Industries, Inc., Warren, Rhode Island
Commissioned: 1997

Deck Plan

Grande Caribe Deck Plan 2016


Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Category 4

FLAG CRUISE ROUTES: U.S. with full SOLAS, Atlantic coast and Great Lakes from Labrador to South and Central America DINING ROOM: One dining room on main deck accommodates all passengers for single-seating dining.

LOUNGE: One lounge/auditorium on second deck can accommodate all passengers for receptions, lectures, meetings, and conferences.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The patented bow ramp allows passengers to disembark without the need for docks or jetties. The shallow draft lets the ship sail through shallow waterways. The retractable pilot house is ideal for sailing under low bridges and locks. The ship also features a stern swimming platform and two launches (one of them with a glass bottom) which can be boarded from the stern. All cabins feature fresh air ventilation systems, which continuously feed in fresh air and remove “used” air.

EMBARKATION: Passenger loading forward and aft, both port and starboard, on Main and Sun deck, to accommodate all dockage.

Photo Credit: Blount Small Ship Adventures