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Mississippi River Boats

The Beautiful Boats of the Mississippi!

Mississippi River Boat - a close-up of the iconic and beautiful paddlewheel

There is nothing in the world like a Mississippi River boat! Mississippi River boats are the best way to see all parts of the Midwest. We have cruises that focus on the Upper section, between St. Louis and St. Paul. The boats head north out of necessity – it gets pretty warm out there in the Summer! – but is also a great destination in the Fall for seeing the foliage along the rivers turn colors. Also the ships branch out east onto the Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. These cruises visit Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Louisville and Nashville! The most popular cruises are on the Lower Mississippi, visiting iconic cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge or Memphis. Three of our boats have incorporated cruises on their 2016 schedules that cruise the entire length of the river, from New Orleans to St. Paul, or reverse: 14-night Grand Heartland, 22-night Mighty Mississippi and 21-night Complete Mississippi River. New for 2017 are cruises to Chicago.

The River season always brings new boats. The America, American Queen and Queen of the Mississippi are all paddlewheels currently cruising. The Louisiane, new to the Mississippi October 2016, does not have a paddlewheel, but was constructed in line with that riverboat style. In July 2017, the American Duchess will launch onto the Mississippi River.

For a full list of cruises on the Mississippi check out our Mississippi River Cruises page.

Deck chairs, people enjoying the view of the Mississippi River from the deck of the AmericaAmerican Queen paddlewheel docked and ready to cruise the Mississippi River. One great Mississippi River Boat.Rendering of the Louisiane, cruising the Mississippi River beginning August 2016The Queen of the Mississippi cruising the river, one of our Mississippi River Boats.