Elegant Alaskan river cruise.

There are so many possible river cruise destinations across the U.S. that it can be difficult to decide which place to go! We’ve chosen some of our most incredible 2018 best river cruises that our relaxing customers enjoy every year:


Alaska is also known as America’s last frontier. When you see it for yourself, it’ll be clear to you why Alaska is one of the world’s most popular cruise locations. The sheer natural landscape and abundance of wildlife will take your breath away. Enjoy the crisp breeze as you admire humpback whales singing a song or take in the majesty of unfathomably large glaciers. Have your own Alaskan adventure, tailored to what you want to get out of it. Here’s some of our most popular Alaskan cruises:

Alaska Inside Passage

We offer a selection of cruises that take the Inside Passage, give you close-up access to the Alaskan coastline.  You’ll have the chance to see first-hand picturesque natural landscapes, authentic fishing villages and unique sights that only exist in the deep Alaskan wilderness.

Alaska Excursion/Expedition

Disembark from the relaxing ship and head out into the great outdoors to go hiking in the rain forest or perhaps on top of a glacier. A big advantage to taking a cruise on a smaller boat is we get to get close to the action. You’ll have impeccable views of playful sea lions, elegant bald eagles and intimidating brown bears. These are just some of the things that those on large ocean liners never have the chance to experience.

Columbia River

columbia river river cruiseRetrace the incredible path that Sacagawea led explorers Lewis and Clark on their journey to the Pacific Ocean. Savor the natural beauty of scenic waterfalls, mighty mountains, rock formations, and the lush plant and animal life of a thriving ecosystem. Or, enjoy a leisurely paced voyage along the Columbia River on one of our wine-tasting cruises. Savor wines from some of the most famous wineries in U.S. that the West Coast has to offer, including Willamette Valley and the River Gorge:

River cruises with touch of history

Wine tasting cruises

Great Lakes

great lakes river cruise

Explore the Midwest like never before on one of our Great Lakes river cruises. Admire incredible water views of the unique towns and fishing villages along the coast, or revel in panoramic views of Chicago and New York City from the water. For a look at wonders of the natural world, our Georgian Bay cruise will get an up-close and breathtaking view of Niagara Falls and the surrounding ecosystem that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Mississippi River

Roundtrip New Orleans river cruiseExplore the Mississippi River in style while diving into the unique culture, food and music that sets the Deep South apart from the rest of the U.S. Here’s a sampling of the Mississippi cruises we offer:

Lower Mississippi

Cruise The Deep South: New Orleans, Round Trip

Lower Mississippi River Cruise: New Orleans – Memphis

The Gateways of The Mississippi: New Orleans to St. Louis

Upper Mississippi

Cumberland River Cruise: Nashville – St. Louis

Memphis to Louisville

Roundtrip Minneapolis

St. Louis – St. Paul

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