(Photo: Everyman Espresso)

The Daily Meal has done some serious leg work in ranking the top 20 coffee shops in America for 2014. Taking everything in account from the coffee itself (taste, quality, beans, etc.), to the ambiance, culture, and space, the baristas, and even the food.

Being based in the Northwest, we take coffee pretty seriously, so this was a fun and interesting read for us. Check out the list and see if you agree! With New York leading the way with 3 shops on the list, we want to know, is your local hot spot on the list? Do you think they missed any? Are any of them surprising to you? Let us know in the comments!

20. Spyhouse Coffee, Minneapolis

19. Pavement, Boston

18. Colectivo Coffee, Milwaukee

17. Ritual Coffee Roasters, San Francisco

16. Cafe Grumpy, New York

15. Sunergos, Louisville

14. Heart, Portland, OR

13. Little Collins, New York

12. Anodyne Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee

11. Artifact Coffee, Baltimore

10. Condesa Coffee, Atlanta

9. PT’s at College Hill, Topeka, KS

8. Panther Coffee, Miami

7. Milstead & Co., Seattle

6. Joule Coffee, Raleigh, NC

5. Peregrine Espesso, Washington, D.C.

4. Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia

3. Saint Frank’s, San Francisco

2. Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles

1. Everyman Espresso, New York

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