class-car-cubaCuba is a country with striking natural beauty, a tumultuous history and a rich cultural heritage.

For the first time in over 50 years, all Americans can legally visit Cuba because the U.S. State Department has relaxed its formerly prohibitive travel restrictions. USA River Cruises is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to cross previously-closed borders into a wonderland of cultural exploration!

A warming between the official channels of the U.S. and Cuba began late in 2014. It continued with the announcement by President Barack Obama on July 1, 2015 that the two countries were re-establishing diplomatic relations. Both countries have re-opened their embassies.

Cruise to New Travel Opportunities

While some restrictions still apply, Americans can tour Cuba and marvel at the colonial architecture of Old Havana, explore the former haunts of Hemingway and get to know the warm and inquisitive people of this Caribbean island nation.

Most visitors to Cuba will need to join a licensed travel group, and one of the best ways to do that is to book a cruise. A ship can take you to the most interesting and beautiful Cuban ports of call, and since cruises carry onboard guides, you’ll be treated to in-depth knowledge of the island’s fascinating attractions. In addition, an organized tour helps visitors navigate some of the peculiarities of Cuban economic life. For instance, since American banks have no presence in Cuba, you generally can’t use credit and debit cards but instead need to have cash.

When cruisers have finished enjoying the planned entertainments of the day, they’ll return to the comfort of a modern ship that includes all the amenities of a high-end hotel. Cuba’s somewhat Spartan tourist accommodations lack the luxuries that many travelers expect while on vacation, so one of our small ships provides the perfect getaway.

Essential Destinations

Visitors to Cuba may feel like they’ve stepped onto a 1950’s movie set. Classic Chevrolets and Fords travel the narrow streets of Havana, and the buzz of modern technology ubiquitous in so many cities across the world is nowhere to be found in Cuba.

Our cruises include the top Cuban destinations. Here’s a rundown of a few of the most intriguing Cuban stops.

  • Havana: Old Havana is a World Heritage site and boasts colonial architecture, historic churches and five famous plazas.
  • Maria La Gorda: Unique flora and fauna and a nesting place for green turtles grace this isolated locale, and more than 100 archaeological sites linked to the island’s original people dot the landscape.
  • Trinidad: Visit the Museum of Colonial Architecture in this historically important town of cobbles, wrought iron and neoclassical structures.
  • Santiago de Cuba: In the shadow of the Sierra Maestra Mountains, a culturally diverse population gives this city its lively music, art and cuisine.

Now is a unique time to explore Cuba. The island is evolving, modernizing and opening up to visitors. When you cruise to Cuba, you’ll experience a nation in transition, but one that retains a slow pace of life, with a people curious about Americans. Contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable cruise agents to book your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure today!