The Blount Cruise experience is unique: Blount cruisers are loyal because of the personal and comfortable experience they have on board. Each ships holds fewer than 84 passengers with a casual dress code, and a friendly crew make for a relaxed atmosphere on board. Personalize your cruise with optional shore excursions in each port, a unique BYOB to avoid high bar tabs, and open seating at all meals.

Unique History

Luther Blount began his trade as a ship builder. He was a young engineer, determined to keep alive the tradition of his family oyster business, after the Hurrican of 1938 destroyed the oyster beds in Narragansett Bay.. In 1950, Luther built and patented his first boat, and his next business began. By 1955, he converted the old family oyster plant into a shipbuilding workshop. In his first fifteen years in business, Luther built over 100 ships. During this period, Luther took his family and friends on the family boat for long vacations to Maine and New Brunswick. Word began to spread and more people began to ask if they could join along. This sparked an idea in his mind, to build his very own small ship cruise line. His love for exploration and adventure led to Luther’s cruise business in 1966, as the very first small ship cruise line of its kind.. He continued the boat building business and cruise line until his death in 2006. Today, his three daughters, Marcia, Julie and Nancy run the businesses and carry on Luther’s legacy.

Unique Ships

How can a cruise ship fit through 30 locks? The retractable pilot house! Other cruise ships cannot fit under those bridges and thru the locks, but Luther Blount wanted to cruise the Erie Canal. So a shallow draft and a retractable pilot house made his ships able to visit so many more destinations than other cruise ships could even consider.

Luther Blount also designed his patented bow ramp. This makes it possible to walk from the ship directly to the shore – a fantastic option when a port or pier are unavailable. Another benefit for a small ship that wants to visit places the other cruise lines cannot get to. Another patent was for glass bottom boats, giving cruise passengers a unique perspective – a diver’s view without getting wet!

Unique Destinations

Every winter, the ships head south along the East Coast to the Caribbean. Each year, it’s a little different. Some years, the ships will visit the jungles and beaches of Belize. Other years, they’ll cruise the islands of the Bahamas. Either way, this leads to Spring opportunities cruising North along the US coastline, past antebellum treasures like Savannah, Charleston, and the historic Chesapeake Bay.

The Spring and Summer are spent island hopping somewhere quite different from the Caribbean. In New England and along the Maine Coast into the Canadian Maritimes, the coastline is dotted with amazing islands that each have their own style and history. In the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence region, the ships visit beautiful islands, as well as the culturally diverse coastlines of both the United States and Canada.

Autumn is the time to enjoy the amazing colors on display as you cruise the Erie Canal and Hudson River. Both ships cruise these itineraries, but the number of departures is limited. It’s imperative that you book early! Call USA River Cruises today to book your 2020 or even 2021 cruise: (800) 578-1479.

Unique Cruises