Did you miss one of our mini stories we post on our Facebook page? If you’re thinking about doing a Hudson River cruise, these just might encourage you to go! There is so much history, architecture, art, and stories to be discovered along the Hudson River!


Val-Kill Cottage – Hyde Park, NY

Cruise the Hudson River Valley and you enter the favorite stomping grounds of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. You’ll stop at Val-Kill, where Eleanor chose to make her home following the death of her husband, President Roosevelt, during WW2. You can also visit the Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, one of the great historic homes of America. Filled with memorabilia of the Roosevelt family, the home was where the president was born in 1882. At Val-Kill, Mrs. Roosevelt pursued her political and social interests, wrote her My Day column. She continued the tradition of casual entertaining, hosting world dignitaries such as Winston Churchill and Democratic Party politicians who came seeking her advice and support, including presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. She loved having large family gatherings at the cottage, including as many as possible of her 22 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.


Thomas Cole – Catskill, NY

Julia Hart Beers was an accomplished artist of the Hudson School at a time when women were not generally thought of as serious painters. She painted and sketched dramatically beautiful images of the Hudson River Valley and American landscapes. This view titled “Hudson Valley at Croton Point” was done in 1869. The beautiy of the Hudson River Valley were an inspiration to many painters who extolled the beauty of the ever-expanding young nation. The founder of the Hudson School of Art was Thomas Cole, who began painting there as early as 1825 and was inspired by the fall colors he saw on his first trip. The landscapes beloved by this art school are explored as part of the new “Hudson River – Fall colors, Conservation, and Creativity” cruise.


Kykuit Rockerfeller Mansion – Sleepy Hollow, NY

This stunning “wedding cake” of a house was once the summer home of the uber-wealthy Rockefellers . The estate, named Kykuit, is in the perfect spot overlooking the Hudson River in New York. The weather in early October looks like a perfect time to enjoy a tour under blue skies! October is a prime time to cruise the Hudson River Valley when the trees light up with fall color.


Union Church of Pocantico Hills – Tarrytown, NY

There aren’t too many places in the USA where you can see a great master’s work in situ – meaning, in the location for which the art designed and not just hanging in a museum. In a quiet, little church along the Hudson River, you can see the works of Marc Chagall and Henry Matisse both in the same place they were intended. This Sleepy Hollow, New York church happened to be near the summer home of the Rockerfellers, who commissioned the stained glass windows including the last work ever designed by Henry Matisse, and nine windows by Marc Chagall. Henri Matisse was a world-renowned French artist commissioned by John D. Rockerfeller to create the large window. After his death, the Rockerfeller children commissioned the Chagall windows. Chagall was an artist born in Belarus, the son of a fishmonger. Being Jewish, he was lucky to flee Nazi Europe and came to live in the United States in 1941 where he lived for nine years before returning to Europe. You can take a guided tour of the church, which is still in use today, which will help you understand the stories behind the images.


Armour-Stiner House – Irvington, NY

Sparkling at Christmas, the Armour-Stiner house is a must-see for anyone touring the Hudson River valley in New York. The 1872 octagon-shaped mansion was built in the shape of an ancient Roman temple. It has a fascinating history and is a jewel of American history.


Lyndhurst Mansion – Tarrytown, NY

STRIKE! In one of the few games in which a strike is a good thing, bowling alleys have a long history in America. The oldest regulation bowling alley can be found in one of the most picture-perfect locations along the Hudson River Valley. The Lyndhurst Mansion is the site of an especially elegant bowling alley. Built in 1894 by the owner and women’s rights advocate, Helen Gould. She enjoyed bowling, as it was one of the few sports that could be played by both men and women at the same time. Housed in a specially built recreation pavilion, it contained two lanes and included two parlors and a wide veranda overlooking the Hudson River below.
The mansion is equally elegant, if not more so, and the gardens are extensive. You can choose to visit just the mansion, just the gardens, or see both for the full picture of the life of this interesting woman and the home’s long history. Discover more about this woman pushing for change on their website: https://lyndhurst.org/

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