The holidays are a very busy time of year for most people. There are parties to attend, dishes to clean, presents to wrap, and shopping to do. This year, wouldn’t it be nice to escape the craziness of the holiday season and go on a relaxing trip? Consider stepping aboard the magnificent Victorian-themed American Queen, where you’ll leisurely travel across the Mississippi River. You’ll visit beautiful Southern plantation homes and see traditional homes decked out in their finest décor. You’ll be able to sit on the beautiful decks and toast to the holiday season with eggnog and sing Christmas carols on board, too.

What are the rooms like?
This cruise will provide you an old-fashioned holiday experience with all of the modern amenities you’re accustomed to. Staterooms are decorated with beautiful American Victorian style and come with fresh flowers, antique décor, and beautiful woodwork. Suites have wall-to-wall carpet with comfortable bedding, plenty of storage space for all of your belongings, and a private bathroom and shower. 

What kind of cuisine is on board?
You will enjoy incredibly decadent food on board the American Queen. Famed American chef Regina Charboneau creates meals on board daily and you’ll be able to enjoy specialty dining options at no extra charge. With each dinner meal, you will enjoy complimentary soft drinks, wine, or beer. Afternoon tea and dinner by moonlight are also options that many travelers choose to indulge in.

What kind of activities are on board?
Sit and enjoy the scenery from the deck with your favorite book, or get out and explore the boat. For travelers who love learning about history, there are daily lectures by the onboard river historian. There is also professional entertainment nightly, including concerts and nightly dancing, where travelers can enjoy big band, swing music, and Dixieland jazz.  

Are there excursions?
There are a variety of off-shore excursions at each port. Travelers can choose to purchase unique excursions at various ports that cater to history, cuisine, and culture. These excursions provide travelers with unique immersion into specific aspects of American culture.

This year’s itinerary includes 9-day trips in November and December. Options include: Departure from New Orleans to Memphis or departure from Memphis to New Orleans. Plan ahead for a festive holiday trip this year!  

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