Warren and I met on a cruise from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh late last year, he was on his way to the Library in Maysville, KY to write a little journal of his travels to send out to all his friends and family.Warren had already been on many cruises and had loved each and everyone, and just wanted to share his wonderful experiences.

You see Warren had outlived two wives and decided to take his own destiny in his hands and see the world, as he put it he was just waiting to die when a friend said take a cruise, so he did and had been cruising ever since (about 4 yrs.)

Warren really liked the river cruises because he became part of everyone’s family and us his, it was a good way to see our beautiful country and really get to know the people. Warren had said to me that seeing America this way really restored his faith in our country and its people. He made hundreds of friends over his 4 1/2 years and he took 46 cruises.

Warren was my idol; he lived his life to the fullest and enjoyed every minute of it! His son Steve said he is now in that big cruise ship in the sky!!

Cynthia Anderson C.T.C.