whaleThey’re one of nature’s biggest and most powerful creatures: the gray whale.  If you’re fascinated by whales and want to immerse yourself in their natural habitat in the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, consider signing up for an immersive-style cruise. This cruise route brings passengers into the open waters for the incredible privilege of seeing California gray whales up close. If you’re a nature enthusiast that’s looking for a voyage that goes above and beyond the traditional sight-seeing trip, then this is one you should consider.  

Trip highlights include:

-Spending three days at Bahia Magdalena

-Hiking desert islands, sand dunes, and seeing various wildlife along the Sea of Cortez

-Snorkeling with sea lions

-See California gray whales up close in their natural surroundings

Where does the cruise travel through?

Passengers will board the ship at San Carlos and will spend the next several days in Bahia Magdalena. This is one of the main breeding and calving areas for the gray whale, so there will be plenty of opportunity to observe these gentle animals from the ship. In addition, you’ll be able to get up close and personal at the water level by hopping on board the expedition landing craft. Nature is unpredictable, but it is more than likely that you’ll be able to see and experience gray whales in their environment. There are also a variety of other fascinating animal species in this area including blue herons, pelicans, and much more.

On the fifth day, the cruise will journey through Friars Rock at Land’s End. Then, the cruise will spend the afternoon at La Fortuna (Gorda Banks seamount) which is a huge gathering area for dolphins, whales (including humpback whales), and other exotic sea creatures. As well as taking in the majestic views of the water and sea life, a team of marine biologists and naturalists are made available to you on board so you can learn more about the animals as well as the surrounding areas.  The final two days are spent reveling in the beauty of the Sea of Cortez. You’ll have the chance to swim and snorkel, barbecue on the beach, or just sit and search for whales, bottlenose dolphins, or birds.

More about the whale watching experience:

Many gray whale watching tourists have called these whales friendly, as they often seek out human contact in the Baja lagoons. It’s common for them to swim up to the boats so tourists can touch them. Towards the end of the winter, sometimes the mother whales will let their babies swim to the top of the water to spend time with whale watchers. The baby whales are generally 12 to 17 feet at birth and is usually only seen in Baja, especially within the protection of the Baja lagoons. These creatures are massive, but can be incredibly kind and gentle.

The itinerary includes departure dates in January, February, and March of 2016. Book early with one of our friendly agents for this captivating outdoor cruise experience!