Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Today would be Elvis’ 80th Birthday. What an American treasure! hpim1390_0231

There has never been anyone like him in music, and will never be again. His unique energy and legacy will continue to inspire generations of musicians.

These pictures are from Mary’s Group Tour from 2013. They spent several days in Branson before their Mississippi River cruise from St. Louis to Memphis. They ended their trip with a visit to Graceland. In honor of Elvis’ birthday, we’re posting some of their memories of Graceland. Enjoy!

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Elvis Cruising Opportunities:

Any cruise to Memphis could include a visit to Graceland, if you wanted to add an extension. The Queen of the Mississippi, the American Eagle, and the American Queen all cruise to and from Memphis. But there is only ONE cruise date that specifically has Elvis as its cruise theme. If you are an Elvis fan, that is the cruise you want! December 5th-13th, 2015 aboard the American Queen. Call and book your cabin today: 800-578-1479.

Article: How Elvis Presley’s 80th Birthday is Being Celebrated at Graceland