Are you or your other Facebook friends participating in the Gratitude Challenge? I thought I’d try it. Today, I’m grateful for my job – I get to look at pretty pictures from around the world, learn about destinations (some that I’ve been to, and some that I dream about visiting), and then write and tell you about it all! mx_9_enjoy_pods_dolphins_in_100sLast week, I focused on the Sea of Cortes. Did you read the e-newsletter, or see the new itineraries on our website? I loved reading about all the things to do and see around Baja California – and all the history of the Sea of Cortes! Jacques Cousteau gave it the nickname, “The Aquarium of the World.” And did you see the video of the super pod of dolphins this week in British Columbia? Those can also be seen in and around the Sea of Cortes during parts of the year. Also so many different species of whales and sea lions. And I got to learn what a chuckwalla is – do you know? It’s a lizard! It’s like an iguana.

So, as we approach this Thanksgiving, I just want to offer my gratitude to you – you are the reason I get to learn all of this fascinating information about our world! You are the reason I write the blogs and social media posts. You are the reason I go after new cruise itineraries. Thank you!