Every year, we see popular cruise destinations damaged by natural causes in one way or another – drought, flood, hurricane, forest fire, etc. And while tourism must obviously halt briefly during the cleanup, it is so important that you not be deterred in visiting. Tourism helps destinations recover. Any stop to tourism can be devastating to local economies – not just the place effected, but neighboring towns, as well. Instead of panicking that you need to cancel your cruise, consider what good you could do by still traveling!


This year, the Bahamas were hit by Hurricane Dorian. This category 5 hurricane is considered to be the worst natural disaster in the country’s history. Highest sustained winds were recorded at 185 mph, and more than 60 people lost their lives. It was surely a tragedy. 


But not all islands were affected. The Bahamas consist of 700 islands and cays, stretching for 750 miles. The Hurricane missed many of the more popular cruise destinations. Our friends at Blount, who have been cruising to the Bahamas for nearly 50 years, urge cruisers to help the recovery effort by visiting. An estimated 60% of The Bahamas gross domestic product (GPD) comes from tourism. About half of the nation’s workforce is in tourism. Tourism is how we help The Bahamas recover.


Blount has three departures scheduled for this winter: February 27; March 12 and 26, 2020. This is your chance to not only enjoy a cruise to the Bahamas, but also contribute to the recovery effort of the islands.