paddleboatIt’s been a big summer for USA River Cruises! We’ve added new destinations to many of the world’s most desirable rivers and are proud to announce the addition of a lavish new riverboat from American Cruise Lines, America, slated to launch on the Mississippi in 2016.

American Cruise Lines is now constructing this brand new Mississippi paddlewheeler, currently under construction at Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, MD. This beauty is American-built, with an all-American crew, promising to be not only an impressive seafaring vessel, but a reminder of what it means to be a citizen of this fine country, sailing its’ waters in style.

The eighth ship and second brand-new vessel from American Cruise Lines this year, America’s journey has only just begin. This ship will launch into the Wicomico River in August, moving next to Chesapeake Shipbuilding’s East Outfitting Basic for completion of its upper decks and outfitting.

Scheduled to set sail on the Mississippi River in early 2016, America will be an incredible paddlewheeler, offering what the company has described as “features never before seen on a Mississippi riverboat.” Oh, the anticipation!

A Little Something for Everyone

The Mississippi River offers an incredible variety of experiences, from mouth-watering food and sultry Southern nights to Louis Armstrong’s jazz classics and Mark Twain’s literary legacy. Looking for a break from the ordinary? Embrace authentic Mardi Gras celebrations bursting at the seams with delectable food, dance, and parades. Want to brush up on your Civil War history? Local expert historians and lecturers will provide you with a wealth of information on this tumultuous time in American history, and actors and impersonators will charm you with educational reenactments.

This iconic river is as rich in animal wildlife as it is in cultural amusements. Cruise through its smooth waters and keep your binoculars positioned to spot wood ducks, woodpeckers, squirrels, and turtles. Bird watchers will enjoy sightings of swans, coots, Yellow and Prothonotary warblers, bluebirds, pelicans, and a myriad of songbirds, moving your journey along to sweet music. Imagine yourself, reclining on the deck of a brand new paddlewheeler, the cool sea breeze tossing your hair as you float downriver, headed toward your next port of adventure!

America is slated to be the most impressive ship traversing these historic waters we’ve seen yet, and we cannot wait to help you book your cabin! Contact our exceptional agents today to plan your voyage of a lifetime!