Nadine’s Scrapbook
Just last month, Nadine hopped aboard the Island Spirit as it cruised the San Juan Islands! She’s very generously allowing us to peek at her photos, and sharing her tales of fun and relaxation. Check out her pictures below.
If you’d like to book an Island Spirit cruise or ask Nadine questions about the ship, give her a call: 800-578-1479!

Sights, Scenes, & Stops
Exploring the Islands
Nadine took pictures of Coupeville, Friday Harbor, and the famous Rosario Resort! At the Rosario Resort, Nadine said they attended a concert, and the resort had a beautiful piano and organ. Below, you can see the view from the Island Spirit as it transits the Chittenden Locks, as well as a couple of the statues from the Sculpture Garden in Roache Harbor.

Nadine took these pictures of an unique family mausoleum in the islands. The room is set up as a dining room with chairs, and Nadine says that the family members’ ashes are in the chairs! Definitely a distinctive mark to leave behind.

The Islands Spirit is the epitome of small ship travel. Housing a maximum of 32 passengers, there’s plenty of opportunity to get to know your neighbors, and not feel so crowded! This picture is everyone onboard the Spring Fling last month. Below, you can see Nadine’s pictures of the Captain’s bridge, the dining room, and a passenger hanging out! Also onboard are kayaks for you to use to explore the nearby islands!

Island Spirit

Island Spirit

Mt. Vernon’s Tulip Fields
If you choose to wait until next spring to cruise the San Juan Islands, you will be treated to a journey through the tulip fields of Mt. Vernon, Washington. We will not be showing you all of Nadine’s pictures… she took more than 200 pictures of tulips. But here is a sampling for you to enjoy!