One of our agents, Donavan, found a new cruise line that does the North and South Poles – so we’re introducing it this week to our clients. The MS Expedition is built for plowing through ice, which is very helpful for your safety and the ship’s stability. They spend the Southern Summer (October – March) in Antarctica, and then travel north to spend the Northern Summer (May – August) in the Arctic! There are 8 day cruises and 14 or 15 day cruises, so you can fit it in your busy schedules. There’s a few more options available than what’s on our site, so be sure to give Donavan a call if you’re interested: 800-578-1479

Wouldn’t you just love to be on that kayak? The ship has kayaks and a zodiak trip, so that you can have those up-close encounters. Go North for Polar Bears, South for Penguins! There is a large mud room, where you can change into the complimentary wellington boots for your use during the cruise. To warm up, there’s a sauna and a gym onboard.

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