The American Constellation, due to launch this year

American Cruise Lines is building a new ship that’s even more luxurious than what they’ve put out before. 

The newest riverboat, dubbed the American Constellation and due to sail in Fall of 2018, will have the largest staterooms in the entire U.S., as well as private balconies and “hotel-size bathrooms”.

European Style, American Comfort

American Cruise Lines (ACL) has always prized themselves on comfortability. Now, instead of customers enjoying the spaciousness and accessible views, they’ll also get to enjoy themselves amidst new design and rejuvenated decor.

The idea with these new ships is to “combine the modern styling of the European riverboats with the premium comfort for which American is known”.

In a press release, American Cruise Lines’ Vice President Timothy Beebe said they “consider refurbished boats unable to meet the modern expectations of today’s river cruise passengers”.

Hence we’re seeing this new build program, which plans to roll out five new ships altogether.

All the New Features

In their recently released rendering, the new riverboat will have six spacious lounges, an open sun deck, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors for every private balcony, WiFi throughout the ship and of course the latest navigation and safety equipment (these are just a few).

The new ship is planned to be 345 feet long and will be able to hold 200 passengers. Meaning, American Cruise Lines will still be able to offer their famously intimate customer service and high-quality guest experience.

American Built, American Registered

Construction for this current rollout is taking place at Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, MD. ACL’s press release also states plans for their other ships which will hold 170 passengers and begin cruising in May 2017, as well as its sister ship, the American Constitution, which will set sail the following year.

Adding to An Impressive Resume

This is just another step to add to American Cruise Lines’ consistent track record of success. Their dedication to comfort and luxury cruising has garnered them numerous awards by some of the US’s most prestigious travel publications.

Where will it sail?

According to an article in Travel Weekly, ACL has not yet released where their new riverboats will be sailing. They also mentioned that two years ago, ACL had considered several inland waterways for potential development, even some that hadn’t been used for overnight passenger cruising before.

Thus, excitement is quite high for these new ships to be finished and officially revealed. We promise to keep you posted as we receive updates!

For now, if you have any questions about American Cruise Lines existing or upcoming ships, please give our team a call.