American Duchess sternwheeler boat on a river

Dear Guest,

As we prepare to resume operations, the communities we visit have been incredibly supportive in our effort to bring cruising back responsibly. Working together, our vendors have formulated operating plans that mitigate risk on board and ashore, and demonstrates how we can care for our guests.

Our whole goal is to provide an enjoyable, safe experience on our cruises and we are pleased to share some of the operating plans that are in place. We want you to know that when you travel with USA River Cruises, our partners have gone above and beyond with safety precautions.

In the time Covid-19, air-travel can be a concern – but not with USARiver Cruises. We book smaller ships (100-165 guests per boat). We are able to book cruises on any small ship in the country and have more than 20 years of experience with many different cruise lines.

Why is this important? Because with river cruises throughout the U.S., you won’t need to leave the ground to enjoy a trip of your dreams. Live in the Northeast? We offer several New England trips that leave from many northern cities. In the Southeast, home of Mardi Gras in New Orleans and historical ports of call is just a short drive away.

To the west, our Midwest cruises travel from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Mississippi Delta. We also offer cruises throughout the Puget Sound and Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest. When you work with USARiver Cruises, you’re never too far away from a relaxing vacation on the water.

Coronavirus Update: Steps We’re Taking

Before any of our cruises allow passengers to board, the cruise lines work with a lengthy checklist of priorities to go through. They ensure all processes are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Coast Guard, and the federal government. They make sure our ports of call are safely open and that the land excursions are still available.

Onboard, they’ve reduced capacity, added touchless boarding procedures, created isolation rooms in the event they become necessary, as well as having additional medical professionals on board in case the issue arises. Above all, they’ve stepped up cleaning protocols (on an hourly basis) to make sure you’ll be safe while still enjoying everything a smaller cruise ship has to offer.

While the ships are well equipped to handle this “new normal,” our partners have also taken steps to make sure the passengers are safe from each other as well. The night before everyone boards one of our ships, another list of protocols is followed. This includes taking your temperature, having you fill out a questionnaire, and making sure everyone coming aboard is safe to travel.

This includes the crews as well. After all, they’re the people making sure you have such a great time onboard as well as during land excursions. Processes are in place to make sure they’re healthy, to make sure the passengers are healthy, and to make sure they’re equipped to handle any health issues.

This points to another advantage smaller cruise lines have over the big ships: we’re never far from land. Where the biggest ships carry thousands of people and are hundreds of miles out to sea, we’re better equipped to quickly make necessary stops if needed.

Even after the pandemic, many of these steps will be kept to continue the commitment to keep you safe while you enjoy everything USA River Cruises has to offer. You are our greatest marketing tool, both as a loyal client and for new passengers that hear about us through word of mouth. That’s why so much time and energy has been spent to make sure the smaller cruise ships are the best – and safest – they’ve ever been.

Visit our specials page to see how you can take advantage of some great discounts we’re offering in the coming year. And when the Covid-19 crisis ends, you and USA River Cruises will begin to make new memories. We look forward to hearing from you.

American Queen Steamboat Company Cleaning Procedures PDF

American Cruise Lines – COVID 19 Operating Protocol