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Are you looking for an entirely fresh and exotic adventure, far from your home? Whether traveling with loved ones or solo, nothing can compare with the excitement of experiencing a brand new culture. Add in a cruise ship, and you take your journey to the next level. Our small ship cruises take you to exotic places that you’ve never imagined — and cannot access on larger boats.

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Whether you’re touring the Yangtze River in China, following the Mekong River through Vietnam and Cambodia, or traversing the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, you’ll be forever changed. Asia is filled with sights, sounds, smells and tastes found nowhere else, and these landscapes naturally expand your awareness beyond your everyday life. Try exotic flavors located nowhere else in the world. See animals, including alligators, river dolphins, flying squirrels, monkeys and even giant salamanders! Bring your camera and an open mind, and we’ll show you the world. USA River Cruises is 100% committed to bringing you the most satisfying adventures available. Our agents regularly take our cruises, making them the best possible individuals to book your journey. We’ll make your trip through Asia a safe, seamless experience, filled with wonders beyond your wildest dreams! Have questions or concerns? Please reach out! Our agents are ready and willing to accommodate your needs and make your booking experience and trip the very best it can be! 

Grand Japan

Osaka to Tokyo

  • 10 Nights
  • Please call for information on future dates.
  • Star Breeze
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