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As a USA River Cruises guest, you will experience unique perspectives of some truly stunning landscapes. Onboard, you’ll find luxurious accommodations, and the crew will work to ensure your stay is as comfortable, safe, and memorable as it can possibly be. Every aspect of your experience — from spectacular bays to delicious seafood — has been expertly crafted specifically for your enjoyment.

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American Revolution Cruise

Be a witness to the history of America. Board the new coastal cruise ship – the American Constitution – as it visits our capitol Washington, D.C. and iconic cities that were important to the formation of America and the American Revolution. Visit battlefields, colonial homes, and historic towns along the Chesapeake Bay.


American Constitution

The American Constitution was built with the latest in technology and sophisticated decor for a modern coastal cruise ship. Guests will ennjoy complimentary wi-fi, have elevator access to all decks, an exercise room, lounges, and a grand dining room that can accommodate all guests eating together.

Mississippi River Cruises

Explore historic and modern river life on this unique exploration of the Lower Mississippi River. Cruising from NOLA to Memphis, or reverse, you’ll catch the heartbeat of the river. Enjoy Cajun cuisine on the Mississippi Delta, and so much more!


American Serenade

American Serenade showcases panoramic views throughout, an on board fitness center and many spacious lounges where you can relax after the day’s adventures.

Historic South & Golden Isles River Cruises

The ports of the South are living history! Explore wildlife refuges of untouched wilderness, the grace and beauty of antebellum society, and the layers of culture evident in all aspects of the cities, from the architecture to the cuisine! Traveling a bit further, the Intracoastal Waterway is a series of protected bays, canals and rivers that wind between the eastern coastline of the US and outlying islands. Because you’re not out on open water, the chance of seasickness is decreased when compared to an ocean cruise.

Boat in water that shows the top european cruises for 2022

American Eagle

Relax in one of the spacious staterooms and enjoy the scenic views from your private balcony. Or sit at one of the observation areas and admire the splendid vistas with fellow travelers. If you are feeling adventurous a unique Swim/Activity Platform at the stern of the ship features kayaks and a tender for local exploration.


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