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Barge Cruises

Guests on LucioleCruise Europe on a barge! Many former cargo barges have been renovated into elegant cruise barges, ready to escort you to large European capitals and small ancient villages. These ships can carry 4-24 passengers, making them perfect for groups to charter. Take multiple generations of your family to explore your ancestral lands; or travel with your best friends for a week of fun and laughter; or take a group of women on a wine cruise… there are no limits to who you could take with you on a barge cruise!

All barge cruises are 6-nights, Sunday to Saturday. A staff of 4-6 will be on board, including the Captain, Chef, Tour Guide and Hostess. The barge season lasts from April thru October. European Canal barges cruise in France, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland and Germany. Barge cruises focus on a smaller regional area, compared to a river cruise that could pass through as many as 6 countries in the same time period. You’ll interact with more local people and get an intimate understanding of the region on a barge cruise. The barges pass through man-made canals at a slow pace – if you needed a walk, you could probably walk alongside the barge, and maybe beat it to the next stop. There are no currents on the canals. This is a leisurely-paced vacation, with a gourmet experience.

Cruises on the Luciole Barge

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Luciole Deck Plan and Accomodations

Cruises on the Prosperite Barge

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Deck Plan, Accommodations and Amenities onboard the Prosperite Barge

Cruises on the L'Impressionniste Barge

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The Deck Plan, Accomodations and Amenities for the European Barge, L'Impressionniste in Southern Burgundy region

Cruises on the Shannon Princess Barge

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European Barge, the Shannon Princess, ready to cruise 10 passengers in Ireland. Deck Plan, Accomodations and Amenities.

Cruises on the Rendez-Vous Barge

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The Deck plan, accommodations, and amenities onboard the Rendez-Vous in Burgundy.

Cruises on the L'Art de Vivre Barge

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The Deck Plan, Accommodations and Amenities aboard the L'Art de Vivre barge cruise in Burgundy.