Cathy Domogalla

USA River Cruises appreciates all the hard work of Cathy, our Air Booking Specialist. We want all of our clients to be able to book everything they need for their vacation with us, and that [...]

Jenne Sharpe

Jenne joined the USA River Cruise team in 2016 as Assistant Director of Marketing. We’re glad to have her and welcome her creative writing point of view and fantastic eye for graphics.

Ashley Whitham

Ashley has been working at USA River Cruises since 2009, and has learned so much about the river cruising industry. Although she doesn’t work one-on-one with clients, her thoughts are always on [...]

Tomas Garza

Tomás Garza is a world traveler and industry veteran, having hosted over 80 groups on land-based trips and cruises worldwide. He enjoys getting to know and spend time with fellow travelers, and [...]


In our office, Layla is secretly in charge. First, she was obviously in charge of her owner Donavan and has him wrapped around her paws.  It wasn’t long before she had Nadine feeding her [...]

Patty Kole

Patty loves people and loves to travel. Having 30 years in the travel industry, and having traveled herself quite extensively, her focus is on customer service and helping customers have the [...]

Nadine Louviere

Nadine comes from an area known as “Between the Rivers” in North Louisiana. As the granddaughter of a steamboat captain, she comes by her love of the river quite naturally. Her first work in the [...]

Mary Kayser

Mary began her career in travel over 30 years ago. After many years as a general travel agent, she enjoys focusing on cruises and particularly small-ships, after joining long-time friends at USA [...]

Donavan Martin

I have been with USA River Cruises since 2009!  After graduating with a BA in Communications in 2003 from Western Oregon University, I pursued a baseball career, but injuries forced me to retire [...]

Cindy Anderson

I have been in the travel industry since 1985, and I have always had an interest in travel and cruising. My belief is that travel opens up our minds and exposes us to all sorts of different [...]