Mary KayserSenior Agent

Mary Kayser | Senior Agent

Mary began her career in travel over 30 years ago. After many years as a general travel agent, she enjoys focusing on cruises and particularly small-ships, after joining long-time friends at USA River Cruises 10 years ago. Making connections with her clients and finding the right fit for a ship/boat or rail vacation for them is a priority. After working with clients, meeting them, if possible, is a great joy to Mary. Being a certified small-ship and rail specialist and adventurist, her recommendations for an enjoyable vacation are: anywhere a small-ship or boat is cruising, a train trip through our beautiful country or a mid-size ocean liner cruise!

Specialty: Mississippi River, Columbia River, New England and Great Lakes.

Favorite Cruise: The Mississippi and Columbia Rivers

Completed Training For:

Un-Cruise Certified Adventurist
Blount Star
American Queen Steamboat Certified