10 Reasons To Visit Montréal This Year

Montreal, Canada in a summer day

Looking to take a trip, but don’t know where to go? You don’t need to fly to Europe for culture, food and fun. Instead, take a trip to Montréal, North America’s best-kept secret, a friendly city with an international vibe and lots of culture.  Consider these reasons to visit Montreal this year!


1. It’s A Foodie Fantasyland

Love to eat? Who doesn’t?! Montréal is a food lover’s dreams come true. The city is home to dozens of award winning restaurants, world-renowned food festivals and restaurant weeks with amazing-tasting menus. They even have a week-long festival devoted to Poutine! Yum!


2. Festivals, Festivals, Festivals

Don’t let the quiet historic neighborhoods fool you… Montréal is a party town. Every year, tourists flock from all corners of the world to attend Montréal’s amazing festivals, which take place year round. From epic food and film festivals to music festivals that will have you dancing all night long, Montréal is a city that loves to party.

3. Family Friendly

Traveling with kids can be difficult, but Montréal makes it easy. With dozens of family-friendly activities open all year round, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do or ways to keep the kiddos occupied. Take them ice fishing, have them watch the butterflies at the botanical gardens and then hop over to the planetarium for some indoor stargazing.


4. Museums Galore

Montréal is serious about preserving culture and history. Step back in time while touring its historic churches, or make a visit to one of its numerous historical museums. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, check out Montréal’s rich array of art and design museums.


5. Music Lover’s Paradise

If you’re a music lover, Montréal’s the city for you. Montréal is at the epicenter of the global electro music scene and hosts a diverse array of music festivals all year long. Whether you are a fan of EDM, Heavy Metal or Jazz, Montréal has got you covered. Plus, the city attracts dozens of big name acts every year including Céline Dion, Adele, Florence + The Machine and more!


6. Everyone Is Welcome

Montréal owes its thriving cultural diversity to its accepting and welcoming population. This extends to people of all races, creeds and sexual orientations. For LGBT people, there’s no need to worry about traveling in Montréal, a city that takes real pride in their pride week and features a “Gay Village” with tons of LGBT-friendly programming.


7. Indie Attractions

If you’re looking for entertainment options that are off the beaten path, Montréal is the city for you. The city is home to hundreds of unique indie venues, from coffee shops to music clubs to cinemas.


8. Sports!

Paris is for lovers, but Montréal is for sports fans. The city is a sports lover’s dream, with the perfect weather for winter sports from December to April and tons of summer events from May to November. It’s also home to the famous Olympic Park, which hosts events all year round like outdoor yoga, winter villages, field days and more!


9. Open 24/7

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Montréal likes to remain open 24/7 too. Festivities extend beyond clubs and bars to music festivals like Digital Spring and Piknik Électronic. Diehard museum lovers may want to time their trip with Montréal’s Nuit Blanche festival, an internationally-renowned event during which museums and cultural spaces stay open for free all night long!


10. Cultural Capital

When it comes to culture, Montréal can’t be beat. In addition to its wide array of art and historical museums the city is also home to a vibrant music, theater and dance scene. To get the very best of everything Montréal’s cultural scene has to offer, purchase one of Tourisme Montréal’s “Cultural Passports,” a special day pass that gets you into the best of Montréal’s cultural entertainment!


Visit Montréal Today!

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