A river cruise travel agent helped to book this Hudson cruiseIf you’ve never been on a river cruise before, there are many things you may have not considered when it comes time to book your trip. However, a river cruise travel agent will know all about a variety of cruise ships, the businesses that own them, travel packages and how to get the best possible deal for your next vacation.

Why you should use river cruise travel agent to book a trip

In some instances, it’s possible to research the internet to find out the steps you need to take to book a river cruise. However, it’s more likely that you may come away with a frustrating experience and have more questions than you started with. Why not consider a river cruise travel agent who can match your expectations, hobbies and interests with a cruise package that’s right for you?

Travel Agent Experience

Most travel agents have taken numerous cruises themselves, and they’ve gained a lot of knowledge over the years. They know what to look for when booking river cruises and, more importantly, what to avoid. They are very familiar with available cruise packages, ongoing sales and deals, and they can offer great recommendations based on your personal preferences and needs.

Your Support System

If you book your own reservations for airlines, cruises and rental cars, you’re basically on your own if anything goes wrong. However, if you use a river cruise travel agent, you’ll have someone in your corner to help problem-solve any hiccups during your trip.

Specialized Services

A good cruise travel agent can tell you about all available cruises in great detail. He or she will know if the cruise is quiet and relaxing for the mature vacationer, or if it is one geared toward active crowds looking for more of an adventurous atmosphere. That being said, every one of our river cruises offers incredible onboard experiences with exceptional food, drink, music, entertainment and more.

Your agent can advise you about room sizes and where the best rooms are located on the ship, or she can help you to find handicapped accommodations, so you’ll have an enjoyable time. Taking children on a river cruise is another consideration to make. While you may want to enjoy the countryside, the kids may need their own form of entertainment. A travel agent cruise that takes the needs of kids into consideration means everyone has a good time.

The Price Tag

Most people assume if they take time to research and book a cruise online, they’ll save money. That’s not always the case. In fact, most agents working for big agencies have access to booking groups on cruises, which can reduce your costs considerably because you’ll get a group rate. Agents are paid a commission from the cruise line, so there is no additional charge to you.

Agents are also privy to special promotions with reduced rates, upgrades and extra amenities that the average person will never hear about.

USA River Cruises has the getaway you’re looking for with all the fun, amenities and excursions you could hope for. Contact us today to book your next adventure and reach a travel agent near you!