Embarking on a river cruise is not just a mode of transportation but a journey in itself. With our three distinctive ship types — small ships, paddlewheel cruises, and expedition ships — travelers can choose the experience that resonates with their personal preferences and getaway dreams.

Whether seeking luxury, nostalgia, or adventure, each ship type offers a gateway to explore the world’s most iconic rivers and regions.

Whichever ship you choose, be prepared for an unforgettable voyage filled with culture, history, natural beauty, and the joy of discovery.

Small Ships: Intimate Luxury on the Water


The Oceania Vista

Our small ship cruises offer an intimate and luxurious experience for travelers seeking a more personalized voyage. These vessels are designed to accommodate a limited number of guests, ensuring a close-knit ambiance and personalized service.

With well-appointed cabins and public spaces, small ships provide an upscale yet cozy atmosphere. Others offer a more bare-bones experience aimed at the traveler interested in rustic simplicity.

On many small ships, guests can indulge in gourmet dining experiences, attend enriching onboard lectures, and enjoy leisurely moments on deck as they glide along picturesque waterways.

From the serene rivers of Europe to the mighty Mississippi, small-ship cruises offer an unparalleled blend of comfort and cultural exploration.

Paddlewheel Cruises: Nostalgic Elegance in Motion


The American Empress

Take a trip back in time with our paddlewheel cruises, where classic elegance meets modern comfort.

These iconic riverboats feature grand paddlewheels that harken back to the golden age of river travel. Travelers can relive the charm of a bygone era while enjoying contemporary amenities.

The rhythmic churning of the paddlewheel adds to the enchanting experience as guests traverse historic waterways.

Onboard entertainment, themed parties, and panoramic views from the decks create a sense of camaraderie among passengers.

And then there are the destinations! Cruise down the Ohio or the Columbia and the Snake. Paddlewheel cruises offer a unique blend of nostalgia and adventure.  See your paddlewheel ship options here.

Expedition Ships: Adventurous Discoveries Off the Beaten Path


The Wilderness Legacy

For intrepid explorers seeking off-the-beaten-path journeys, our expedition ships are the ultimate choice. These vessels are specially designed to navigate remote and challenging waterways, opening up new frontiers of discovery.

With a focus on adventure, expedition cruise ships may offer guided excursions led by expert naturalists, bringing travelers up close to wildlife, indigenous cultures, and stunning landscapes.

Onboard lecture programs further enhance the educational aspect of the voyage. From the wilds of the Alaskan fjords and glaciers to the coasts of Mexico, expedition ships provide a thrilling and immersive expeditionary experience.