We’ve gathered some ideas that might make traveling just a little easier. Whether you are traveling by air to get to your port city, or if it’s been a while since you’ve gone on a vacation, you might find something here to make your travel experience easier. While traveling on board a cruise ship, most all your needs will be met already, but don’t forget all those fun on shore excursion trips you’ll be enjoying! You will probably want a small travel day pack, comfortable shoes, and an extra memory card for your camera to save all those photos you’re going to be taking!

Anytime traveling by air, you should remember to keep all important documents, medications, eye contacts, travel papers, and perhaps a change of clothing and a toothbrush in your carry-on bag and not in your checked luggage. If your flight is canceled or delayed after you have checked your baggage, think about what you will need with you while you are potentially separated from your luggage overnight.  A well-organized carryon bag is essential!


Sling Bag Travel Daypack

Keep your hands free when out on shore excursions with a waterproof day pack that can be used over the shoulder or cross-body.

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Electronics Supply Organizing Case

No one needs a mass of tangled cords – and let’s face it, today’s world seems to come with lots of cords. Keep them organized in one separate case and make your life easier.

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Collapsible Travel Cup

This collapsible cup folds down into near nothing – taking up hardly any room at all. Take it with you hiking, or just in case you need to take medicine when out and about.

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Easier to Carry Carry-On Bag

Just slip your carry-on bag over the handle of your luggage to make carrying both a breeze. The built-in sleeve keeps it in place. The carryon bag includes a separate compartment for shoes.

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Safety Hidden Pocket Socks

Available in short or tall sock sizes, these pocket safety socks have a hidden zipper section where you can store emergency cash. Just for peace of mind.

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Travel Vest with Zipper Pockets

A lightweight vest for men with zipper pockets is great for traveling. Just enough to keep items secure without adding too much weight.

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Safety Hidden Pocket Scarf

If you’re concerned about safety, consider a safety scarf – so pretty and can come in several different patterns. A hidden zippered pocket can store your i.d., lip balm, or money and keep you hands-free. Made in USA.

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travel sketching kit

Travel Sketching Kit

Create your own memories as you sketch your way on our trip. Sit and draw the street scene, a bridge spanning the river, or flowers at a botanical garden you visit. This compact kit has everything to create your art – you supply the paper.

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day by day travel journal

Travel Diary

Save the memories you’re making in this day-to-day journal with prompts to remember where you are and what the weather is like, and lined room to write details about what you saw and did. Slim and easy to carry with your or pack.

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Nightime Cooling Eye Mask

If you have trouble falling asleep at night when traveling or on airplanes, try this eye mask when heading to bed. The cooling gel helps it stay comfortable and the nose guard keeps light out.

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airplane seat organizer

Airplane Pocket Organizer

A great way to organize your necessities during long flights. Slip over the tray and you can still use the flat tray surface when needed.     

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Comfortable Travel Shoes

Airplane travel is a lot more comfortable if you have good travel shoes to wear in-flight. These stretchable shoes fold up to take hardly any room in your carry-on.

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Poo-Pourri Before-You- Go Toilet Spray: Fresh Air

Sharing a stateroom with anyone – even a spouse – can be a little more pleasant if bathroom odors are prevented.

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Camera Memory Card

You’ll be taking a lot of photos! Make sure you have enough memory in your camera before you go.

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anti theft cross body compact bag

anti-theft Crossbody Purse/Phone Holder

The perfect size to hold your phone and a little money and still be able to wear it under a jacket or sweater if needed. It has anti-slash fabric and locking clasps.

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travel jewelry bag

Travel Jewelry Organizer

If you want to look your best while traveling, organize your jewelry in a compact case to avoid tangled necklaces and missing earrings in one simple organizer bag.

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travel blanket

Travel Blanket

Airlines rarely offer blankets to travelers any more. Keep warm or use as a pillow when flying to your destination with a super-compact blanket you can keep in your carry-on bag.

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in flight organizer bag

Airplane Travel In-flight Organizer Bag

Stay organized and not worry about losing your items in the seat pouch on airplanes. Keep all you need within arm’s reach in a simple bag that attaches to the seat in front of you.

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waterproof back pack

Waterproof Day Pack

Plan on doing some kayaking or on a Zodiac but want your essentials with you? A waterproof mini backpack will keep your hands free while protecting all those items you’ll want with you on a day out exploring.

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clip on travel phone holder

Clip on In-flight Phone Holder

Don’t try and hold your phone, watch your own videos while flying with this adjustable holder that holds your phone for you. Slip over the tray table edge and have movies or podcasts at your fingertips.

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noise canceling headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

The ambient noise aboard airplanes can be much louder than you realize until you’ve tried wearing noise-cancelling headphones. They will help you sleep or relax without the constant drone of engine noise. Comes with a travel case.

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sling backpack anti theft for men

Anti-theft sling backpack

Carry everything you’ll need on excursions in one compact sling backpack. It keeps your hands free while inside holds a cell phone, credit cards, passport, and cash all in one theft resistant design. 

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travel clock

Folding Travel Alarm Clock

Don’t miss a single thing with a simple folding travel alarm clock. Specifically designed without all the extras you’ll never use – just an easy-to-use alarm clock with no annoying LED lights all night long.

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travel shoe bag

Travel Shoe Bags

You won’t have to pack your dirty shoes in your luggage when it is time to head back home. Use zipper-close travel bags to hold shoes up to men’s size 14 when traveling. Foldable and waterproof to protect your luggage.

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garment bag carry on

Convertible Garment Bag Carryon

Make your carryon work for you – keep your suit or dress in a rolling garment bag and not folded in your luggage – all with side pockets to organize items you might need while in flight.    

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travel pro luggage

Travel Pro Carryon Spinner Luggage with Charging Port

A well-built spinning carryon luggage with built in charging port for your phone. Sturdy and available in 3 color options, this luggage should last you for years!

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ambient noise machine

White Noise Sleep Aid

Trouble sleeping when traveling? This combination nightlight/white noise machine is simple and compact. Choose from multiple sounds both from nature or soothing background “white” noise.

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side by side cord organizer

Cord Organizer

When traveling, keep all your charging cords and lightning charge blocks organized. Sure you could stuff them into a ziplock bag, but this slim fit upright pack keeps them easy to grab onto when in flight without taking up too much space.    

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Compact Toiletry Bag

You won’t need a lot when cruising, as soaps and shampoos, etc. will be provided already, but a well-organized toiletry bag can make traveling much easier. If traveling with a partner, you may even save space by sharing one toiletry bag. We like this bag with upright storage for toothbrushes.

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Waterproof Walking/Hiking Shoes

Headed somewhere you’ll be doing a fair amount of walking or hiking? Keep those feet dry and comfortable with these shoes from Eddie Bauer. Not as bulky as traditional hiking boots, but waterproof is key!

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Carry On Bag Set

A stylish and sturdy weekender bag and carton bag with USB charging port, cosmetic bag or cord bag, and a crossbody bag.     

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carryon luggage

Carry On Bag

This carryon slips easily over your luggage handle for comfortably managing those long haul walks in the airport. Available in several color choices, it includes a separate shoe section. .

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carryon diamond stitch

Carry On Bag with Multiple Pockets

Organize your carryon to help you easily find what you need when traveling. A lower shoe section could be used to hold a blanket or pillow (or shoes!) A separate toiletry bag to keep hnadlotions or lip balms you might want to access in flight.

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