Cruises in and of themselves are built for bibliophiles, with oodles of time set aside for you to enjoy being you, crack open your favorite classic or beach read, and recline on-deck or in one of the many sitting rooms available, one of which is often a lush, mahogany-chaired library.

While any cruise is basically a book-lover’s dream, certain cruise destinations offer more literary perks than others. The following locations, available as ports of call on many USA River Cruises, will take you over the top:


Portland’s The Nines Hotel:

Multiple cruises hail from Vancouver, Washington, just a stone’s throw from the city of Portland, where the upscale Nines Hotel towers. Stroll from Portland’s enjoyable downtown right into a floor-to-ceiling collection of books, housed in the hotel’s Library Room and curated by the local icon, Powell’s Books, which just so happens to be the world’s largest independent bookstore. Note: you might want to stop there, too – it’s just a few blocks North. Enjoy a lavish seating area and custom-designed pool table, all while plucking visionary titles from the shelves.

Cruise that’ll take you there: The Columbia River.

The Chebeague Island Inn, Maine:

Flip to the East Coast and you’ll encounter a Portland of a different color, equally infatuated with craft beers and cozy book-lovers’ nooks. The Chebeague Island Inn is nested on an island in Casco Bay, just a ferry or water taxi ride from Portland itself. Once there, take in the fresh sea air on a broad, wraparound porch boasting stunning views to delight your senses and oversized wicker chairs perfect for an afternoon of chapter surfing. Even better, none of the Inn’s 21 rooms have a television or phone, with only a wireless connection for those who simply must check email. With beds dressed in Italian liners and homemade snacks available during the day, there’s absolutely everything to support you in completing Infinite Jest.

Cruise that’ll take you there: Maine Coast and Harbors

Rosewood Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Mexico:

Love Mexico? So do we! Imagine a fantasy vacation during which you can read your latest literary obsession, sipping a tropical drink and occasionally dipping in an infinity pool with views of the Sea of Cortez. At Rosewood Las Ventanas al Paraiso, the “Hot Type” program offers publishers the opportunity to make advance copies of best-selling books available to guests. In addition, the resort plans gourmet dinners, which enable guests to meet and have discussions with authors. If you know you’d enjoy a mix of networking and quiet reading, look no further than this incredible Mexican destination.

Cruise that’ll take you there: Baja California & the Sea of Cortez

Beacon Hill Books & Cafe

Smack dab in the center of the most charming old-world section of Boston, you’ll find the equally charming Beacon Hill Books & Cafe. Walls lined with built in bookcases, a fireplace, and a cup of coffee make this bookshop feel like the home you’ve always wanted.

Cruise that’ll take you there: The Yankee Seaports, Cape Codder, or most Autumn-foliage cruises stop in Boston.

Old Fox Books & Coffeehouse

Set along the cobbled streets of old Annapolis, Maryland, you step inside Old Fox Books and  coffee house and you’ll feel welcomed. Community atmosphere thrives here where booklovers regularly meet, enjoy a cup of excellent coffee, and you just might get lost in time.

Cruises that’ll take you there: Cruise the Chesapeake Bay on a visit to Annapolis and see history unfold around you.


Cruises offer a chance to take a break from everyday life. Add to that locational advantages, lush hotels, and beautiful views, and you’ve got the book lovers’ event of the century.

Call USA River Cruises today – we offer cruises to all of the locations above, as well as a myriad others, all on ships boasting some of the best reading decks available.