Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful island located south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Known as an affluent summer getaway for many people, this amazing destination offers multiple adventures for the experience-hungry traveler. Incredibly charming, Martha’s Vineyard offers all the sights, sounds, and unique relaxation opportunities of a luxury vacation destination. Here are five must-visit sites at Martha’s Vineyard to enjoy while you’re there.



#1: Aquinnah:

This is an official Native American township, guarded by the Wampanoag tribe. The word Aquinnah is Wampanoag for “land under the hill” and offers breathtaking views of the woods, Nashaquitsa ponds, and the ocean. The red-hued Aquinnah Cliffs are a must-see.


ChilmarkMA-seal#2: Chilmark:

This stunning rural village is quiet and sparsely-populated, perfect for true lovers of the outdoors. Get the camera out along ocean-view roads, and bring your hiking shoes for rustic woodlands you can walk through and explore. People often say that this spot reminds them what Martha’s Vineyard was like before it was developed.

EdgartownLight2006Dawn#3: Edgartown:

This was previously a large whaling center and has some special parts that have been preserved, including the homes of 18th and 19th century sea captains. There are beautiful streets to stroll along and several nature preserves that are great for day trips. Edgartown is actually an island, connected to Martha’s Vineyard by a long spit. You can walk it (a bit over 2 miles) or you can take a brief ferry ride.

Menemsha#4: Menemsha:

This is a very popular destination for bicyclists who love to ride through and experience the rich history and laid-back atmosphere. It offers a variety of weathered fishing shacks, fishing boats, drying nets, and lobster pots.


OakBluffs1#5: Oak Bluffs:

Right in the middle of it all is Circuit Avenue: this is the setting for stunning homes, guesthouses, shops, and restaurants. There are breathtaking hotels and guesthouses that tourists can stay in and experience small town living.


So, whether you’re off to have a romantic vacation away or you want to have a family trip or all-inclusive holiday, a Martha’s Vineyard vacation is one that will leave you with many special memories for years to come.


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