the-great-lakes-cruiseLooking for the freshwater cruising experience of a lifetime? Cruise along hundreds of miles of shoreline with a broad range of landscapes and geography on the Great Lakes Cruise. Traveling along the US-Canadian border, you will see everything from huge dunes, deserted beaches, densely forested islands, to rocky peninsulas and towering cliffs. This 8-day, 7-night luxury cruise allows you to physically travel through all of the Great Lakes of North America. You will be traveling aboard the recently built Pearl Mist Ship, a new concept in luxury cruising. With faster speeds, this new luxury cruiser will give you more time to enjoy your destinations, which include Chicago, Holland, Michigan, Mackinac Island, Sault Saint Marie, and 3 cities in Ontario, Canada as well.

This trip, with its unique and breathtaking views, is perfect for the nature-lover, the shopper, the curious traveler, and the art and museum enthusiast. With visits to local wineries, historic lighthouses, museums, aquariums, shopping attractions, and restaurants, this cruise itinerary has a pleasure for every type of traveler to indulge in! Here are five of the top reasons to go on the Great Lakes Cruise with USA River Cruises:


1. The Great Lakes

One of the most fascinating parts of our Great Lakes Cruise is the physical makeup of the Great Lakes themselves. The Lakes’ awe-inspiring characteristics and aesthetic beauty make them a destination by themselves. The Great Lakes of Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario are the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth.  Combined, they contain 21% of the world’s surface fresh water by volume. 1  Possessing sea-like characteristics such as rolling waves, sustained winds, strong currents, great depths, and distant horizons, the five Great Lakes have also long been referred to as inland seas. Dispersed throughout the five Great Lakes are approximately 35,000 geographically distinct islands. The beautiful, clear water of the Great Lakes is also home to a plethora of towns and villages that  delight in having visitors. The rugged, natural geologic beauty of the area is a sight to behold.


2.  The Pearl Mist Ship

Category R stateroom aboard the Pearl Mist

You will be traveling on the beautiful Pearl Mist ship. This ship was built by an experienced ship-builder who wanted to create a new type of small-size luxury cruiser. The new style and design allows for faster cruising speeds, is equipped with all of the latest in navigation and communication equipment, and is upheld to the most stringent of regulations for fire safety and stability. This luxury cruiser is a beautiful, spacious river ship outfitted with oversized staterooms, each having its own private balcony. Aboard this luxury cruise you will enjoy exquisite cuisine served in a spacious, glass-lined dining salon. For your cruising comfort, the ship was designed with a fully stabilized hull to ensure your maximum cruising pleasure and comfort. Also, faster speeds mean you will have more time to enjoy each amazing destination on our itinerary.


3.  Mackinac IslandVictorian houses on Mackinac Island - photo by Nadine


Mackinac Island is an island resort located where the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan meet, and is known as a modern-day “living” Victorian town. On this island resort, no motor vehicles are allowed, and all visitors and residents travel by horse, horse drawn-carriage, bicycle, or by foot. The island is known for its opulent Victorian homes and hotels. The Anishinaabe-Ojibwe tradition holds that the island was a sacred spot. The earliest known inhabitants believed it to be a sacred place, home to the Gitchie Manitou or the “Great Spirit”. The stories and lives of the original inhabitants of the island are captured in museums, artifacts, and sites. The rich history of the island is perfect for curious travelers interested in history, archeology, ancient folklore, and artifacts.


4.  Begins or Ends in Chicago

How can you go wrong when you can either begin or end your trip in one of North America’s most amazing and sought after destination cities? Chicago is America’s 3rd largest city, and boasts the world’s best food, best museums, most amazing architecture, and some of the best shopping. Visit the 3,000-foot-long Navy Pier with its restaurants, retail shops, exhibition halls, and auditoriums. From bargain deals to luxury splurges, there is a boutique or shop for every type of traveler. There is never a lack of places to see, activities, sites to take in, delicious food to eat, or marvels to explore in the city of Chicago.


5.  Ontario, Canada

The Great Lakes border between the US and Canada, and our itinerary includes three destinations in Ontario, Canada. Little Current, Parry Sound, and Toronto, Ontario are all three fabulous destinations on their own. These destinations are rife with history, natural beauty, and attractions.

Little Current,ON is famous for its swinging bridge, a one-lane bridge that serves as the only vehicular access to Manitoulin Island except for the daily passenger-vehicle ferry that runs from late spring to October.

Parry Sound, ON was important during the First and Second World Wars with its explosive and munitions factory. Parry Sound was also an important depot along the rail lines to Western Canada in the late 19th century.

Toronto, ON is a delight to explore from Eaton Centre shopping mall, where you can find literally anything available in the world, to the north end’s Chinatown and the Bata Shoe Museum. From ancient Indian artifacts to modern pop art, the museums of Ontario will delight every type of art and culture lover. From chic, trendy boutiques to retro bargains, Toronto’s rich shopping scene is great for all shoppers.

Are you looking for a destination luxury cruise unlike any other? This indulgent, luxurious cruise is perfect for anyone looking to take in all the scenic wonders that the Great Lakes has to offer while being pampered aboard the Pearl Mist luxury cruiser. Contact USA River Cruises today and allow us to share our expertise in travel accommodations, cruising, and destination locations. Book early for 2017 and save $500 off per stateroom on the Great Lakes Cruise!


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