A few days ago, I posted about the Belize government refusing to allow ships carrying over 250 passengers to land along their SE coastline. This weekend, there were protests in Venice: No Big Cruise Ships! Defend the City! One of the top ten biggest cruise ships in the world was in port that day. The protest group of Venetians take it as an insult to

the city to have the gigantic ship pass through their canals. Venice has always

been a hot tourist stop, but now the number of cruise ships visiting has quadrupled. Of course, there is a Cruise Venice Committee that encourages the cruise ships to visit Venice, to support the local economy. The protestors are concerned that, while certain economic support has been felt, the ancient city is being trampled. The protestors began by blocking the road to the passenger terminal. Then they took to small boats and rafts, with signs that said, “No Big Ships” (in italian). The protestors did not say how they feel about the small ships, but the No Big Ship message is clear.