Discover an artistic, windswept, maritime America on a visit to Rockland Maine.


Set on the scenic Penobscot Bay, anyone who grew up watching M*A*S*H* will enjoy a visit to what might have been Charles’ namesake location – although the character’s snobby personality doesn’t seem to fit with this more friendly, blue-collar, hard-working coastal town with an artistic side.  Rockland is known for its Maine lobster club sandwiches, its extensive Wyeth art collection, and its love of maritime history. 

American Art:

At the Farnsworth Art Museum, find galleries filled with works with a special emphasis on artists who have lived or worked in Maine, including Andrew Wyeth, Georgia O’Keefe, Winslow Homer, and Anson Kent Cross. Part of their collection includes the house Wyeth lived in and was featured in his most famous painting, Christina’s World. There are several art galleries downtown to explore including the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in this art-filled city.


Explore the iconic Maine lighthouses at the Maine Lighthouse Museum or visit the photogenic Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. The lighthouse sits at the end of a granite ⅞ mile breakwater seawall completed in 1900. A lighthouse was built in 1902 to sit at the furthest end and is the iconic Rockland image. The walk down the breakwater is not smooth, so isn’t for everyone, but whether up close or at a distance, it sure is pretty.

Vintage Transportation:

Whether you prefer your transportation by car or by ship, there are two museums you’ll need to visit in Rockland. Mariners will enjoy visiting the Sail Power Steam Museum where you’ll see a collection of memorabilia, vintage ships at the docks, and a giant pendulum – all in a unique collection started by one man – a former captain with an infectious love of all things maritime. Just outside of town is the Owls Head Transportation Museum filled with antique cars, pre-1940s aircraft, and motorcycles. They are restored and demonstrated at this fun and educational museum. If you love anything that moves, you’ll enjoy a trip to this museum.


Birders and nature lovers will enjoy visiting the Project Puffin Visitor Center, a celebration of this colorful seabird and the successes the Audubon Society has made in bringing puffins and other rare seabirds back to their historic nesting islands along the Maine coastline. Step inside and view live webcams from local nests. For scenic views, walk up to Camden Hills State Park which overlooks Penobscott Bay. Maine Coastal Inlands National Wildlife Visitors Center

The Atlantic Puffin
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