barge-tripsLove to travel? Both luxurious river cruises and unique barge trips create opportunities for adventures that will leave you with incredible memories for years to come. Here are the differences between the two.

Barge Trips

Barge cruises best suit the traveler who would rather savor a slow journey than cover a lot of ground. Originally used in the 1800s for commercial transportation of goods along canals in France, Barges have become a fresh, stylish way to explore the European countryside.
Significantly smaller than river cruise vessels, barges accommodate 4-24 passengers and travel approximately 50 miles over a six-day period, while river cruises cover a few hundred miles of territory during their journey. Barges will usually only have one deck, small staterooms, and a combination dining room and lounge.
Barge packages are often all-inclusive and include drinks, fine wine, champagne, delicious meals that include local ingredients that are cooked to order, pickup/drop off at local airports, train stations, and hotels, as well as distinctive shore excursions for your enjoyment. Barge excursions can be booked by individuals as well as larger groups or families, varying from a few passengers to a couple dozen.

River Cruises

River cruise ships are designed to be long and narrow, specifically to transition around various rivers. These ships are built to accommodate 140-180 passengers, and a typical river cruiser has four decks, as well as a sundeck and other staterooms that are located on the side of the ship. Staterooms usually include a queen-sized bed as well as a television, storage space, and a modern bathroom. River cruise packages are almost always all-inclusive trips, with shore excursions that feature guided city walks in each port.

No matter which you choose – a barge cruise or a river cruise – either will offer a unique and incredibly relaxing experience with panoramic views and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of each country and city you stop in. Ready to book your journey? Contact USA River Cruises! Our experienced agents have actually taken the majority of our cruises and can help you choose the very best excursion for you and your loved ones!