Let me just start by saying, the answer is almost always yes. Travel insurance is so important for many reasons. But there are also many clients who do not worry about it. Let’s explore a little about travel insurance, and you can decide if it would be useful for you.

Travel insurance can be bought from many different sources. Many cruise lines offer their own insurance – but if that cruise line goes out of business before or during your cruise, their travel insurance isn’t going to do you any good. A third-party travel insurance is preferred. Travel insurance prices are based on the age of the travelers and the overall cost of the trip.

Questions to consider:

Are you traveling outside the United States?

Will you have multiple airplane flights and connections?

Do you know how your health insurance plan works outside the US, or outside your own region?

Are you taking a cruise or tour through a company?

Are you checking luggage?

Are you spending more than $1000 on your vacation?

Does anyone in your party have a health concern, or a family member at home with a health concern?

What can travel insurance do for you?

There’s a lot to consider, but here’s a few key phrases that you might want to ask for, if they apply to you.

+Cancel for Any Reason – This coverage is hard to come by, and usually only with higher level plans. It usually has to be bought within 15 days of your cruise deposit, as well. Cancelling for any reason that isn’t normally protected will cover 50% of your insured trip cost – which is so much better than nothing! If knowing that you have this will help you sleep better after you purchase your cruise, than ask your agent which plans offer this.

+Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver – We have plans that will waive pre-existing conditions if you purchase you insurance within 15 days of your cruise deposit. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, make sure you buy your travel insurance right after you book!

+Trip Cancellation or Interruption due to Financial Default – Like the pre-existing, this is included in some of our plans when you book within 15 days of your cruise deposit. That means that if you can’t take your trip because an airline, cruise line or tour operator goes out of business, your trip expense is covered.


Sometimes there are legal restrictions that prevent us from providing every option to you. Every state in the US has its own travel laws and travel insurance laws. When you receive the information that we send your about travel insurance, make sure to look for what state restrictions may apply to you!