Hey y’all. This is Ashley, and I’m here to tell you that our Groups Department is ready and waiting to create a vacation for those who want to (partially) fill the boat with friends and family!

What events could be celebrated with a train or cruise vacation? For families: family reunions, birthdays, remembrance of a loved one, or anniversaries! For co-workers: promotions, a great year at work, bonus incentives for managers, or a joint vacation with your cubicle buddies away from the office! For friends: birthdays, weddings, or celebrating life’s milestones! Has it been a decade since all of your cousins have been together? Will Grandma be turning 80 next year? Are you retiring?

You can come up with any reason to take a cruise. But you don’t have to travel alone. It’s true, on our small ships you’ll make fast friends; but you could easily invite a clan to go with you from the start. Take over the tables in the dining room, and do NOT forget your cameras!

Group space can be reserved on any of our cruises and train trips (provided there’s enough space available). Each cruise line is different; but generally speaking, if you book more than 10 or 15 people, that will qualify you for discounted cabins!

This is the time to start planning. Take advantage of time with family this weekend to start the conversation, and give our Groups Department a call on Monday. Create memories that will last a lifetime!