The term ‘bucket list’ is a relatively new one. Maybe you saw the Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman movie in 2007. If you haven’t heard the term, a ‘bucket list’ is simply things you’d like to do before you ‘kick the bucket’.

Regardless of what’s on yours, Alaska’s beauty is so majestic and unique that these adventures could easily make their way onto your list…that is, if they aren’t on there already.

1. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis lights in Alaska

Solar particles getting blown into Earth’s magnetic fields makes for one unforgettable night of stargazing. Hence, the greens, purples and blues of the Aurora Borealis is one of the most compelling sights on Earth. Alaska is just one of few places in the world where you can glimpse the Northern Lights, and due to its remote populations you’re guaranteed to see the colors in their full vibrancy.


2. Kayaking Fjords

A person exploring Alaska by kayak

The fjords of southern Alaska are those postcard scenes you see where the mountains are perfectly reflected in miles of placid water. Stop paddling and all you’ll hear is your breath and the water as it gently laps the granite cliffs that surround you. You’ll probably hear the flapping wings of a bald eagle, too, as this area hosts the largest concentration of them in the world.


3. Watching Humpback Whales

Humpback whale just out of the waterThose that see a humpback whale often describe it as seeing God. Fortunately, whales aren’t very shy creatures; kayakers often get extremely intimate views, while many can spot them from shorelines. Humpback whales can surface quite often in the waters of Alaska, either individually or as a pod, and truly represent one of the grand wildlife experiences on Earth.


4. Enjoy Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

Piece of wild caught Alaskan salmon with baked asparagusHere’s your chance to eat like the bears. Alaska is ground zero for some of the best wild salmon on the planet, and it’s a dish you have to try while you’re here. If you’re feeling especially resourceful, maybe you can toss a line and catch one yourself!


5. Experience Mt. Denali

Mt. Denali, formerly Mt. McKinley, in AlaskaYou probably knew it before as Mt. McKinley, which it was referred to until it’s renaming back to Denali in August 2015. Regardless of what we call it, this peak is the highest in North America and truly a natural wonder of the world. Surrounding the mountain is Denali National Park, which hosts some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet, such as grizzly bears, moose and wolves.


Ready for some magic? Fortunately, most of these adventures can be had on our cruise itineraries.

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