Canadian Sailing Expeditions featured in JFCD Magazine

Tiffany Jarva describes her experience aboard the Caledonia

Anchored in the St. Lawrence River, I am clipped to the fore mast of the Caledonia; a 245-foot square-rigged barquentine. This is my first tall-ship climbing experience. I debate stepping over to the highest yard. After some coaching from sun streaked crew members, I bend my head, manoeuver my body through some rigging, hold my breath, and take the step. I look around at the expansive view: Parks Canada’s Grosse Ile winking at me in the distance and the historical St. Lawrence River that led de Champlain to Quebec stretching out all around me. I look way down, and wave at the crew and passengers. I cannot stop smiling… Read More Here

CSE Featured on Nightly News

NTV features the Caledonia and her crew

Docked in the coastal town of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, NTV boards the Caledonia to give locals a glimpse at her size, grace and the overall guest experience provided by Canadian Sailing Expeditions on their holiday adventure cruise. Watch “CSE-TV” here

CAA proudly features Caribbean Sailing Cruise

In a full 4 page article, CAA explains the experience behind the cruise.

The sun is sparkling off the Caribbean as I stand on deck, watching a half-dozen crew members pulling valiantly on the lines that hoist the mainsail. With straining muscles and reaching hands, they haul away with all their might, and slowly the giant sail rises… Read the article here…