Christmas-MarketWhen Christmas rolls around each year, it usually means enjoying the same traditions as you have in years past. Christmas trees, caroling, gingerbread cookies . . . Christmas is a time for tradition, right?

Yes, of course! But Holidays can also be a time for adventure, a great opportunity to learn how the world celebrates this special time of year. At USA River Cruises, we bring the world to you during Christmas. It’s truly a magical time!

Journey to the Origin of Your Christmas Traditions

Where do Christmas trees come from? What about gingerbread cookies? Or chestnuts roasting on an open fire?

You’ll learn about all of these (and many more) on a Viking Christmas Market Cruise. Our itinerary takes you far beyond the typical stops on a European tour. You’ll see the cities where many holiday traditions originated, and celebrate them anew. Roasting chestnuts is an entirely new experience when you’re doing it in one of the places it first took place. It’s the ultimate traditional Holiday experience: returning to Old World traditions, exactly where they began.

Learn Holiday Rituals From Around The World

Many cities in Europe still celebrate Christmas by giving hand-carved toys to children. They roast potatoes and sausages, knit scarves and sell crafts throughout the holiday seasons. When it’s time to relax in front of the fire, they reach for some lovely spiced glühwein.

You’ll encounter all of these on a Viking Cruise. Better yet, you’ll be able to partake in the festivities yourself. You’ll dive right in during the happiest time of the year, celebrating in beautiful European cities.

Celebrate the Holidays With New Friends!

When you’re weary from exploring your new surroundings, a Viking Christmas Market Cruise ship provides all the comforts of home. Participate in a Christmas sing-along, or sit back and enjoy the melodies from musical groups local to the cruise’s stops. You’ll also learn how to craft special Christmas dishes from our Executive Chef. The gingerbread cookies from our tour are particularly famous!

These are all parts of the wonderful Christmas traditions we work to uphold at USA River Cruises. We’re proud to present the Viking Christmas Market Cruise journeys to you this holiday season, and hope that you’ll join us on one of this year’s journeys. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable agents today to start planning your journey of a lifetime!