02g70823We’re always thrilled to receive feedback from our wonderful clients, especially when we know them well and have been privileged to book many trips for them over the years. Bob and Heidi are one such couple. With six trips with USA River Cruises under their belts, Bob and Heidi continually delight us with accounts of their joyful adventures.

Their most recent trip featured a beloved co-traveler, none other than their granddaughter! “Being on a Disney ship, it is all about fun!  Our granddaughter was in heaven and we not only enjoyed watching her but also had a lot of fun.”

As is customary on a Disney cruise, activities abounded. “There were movies, Broadway-style shows, Las Vegas style comedy, character visits and makeovers.” Heated pools washed away any hint of stress, and, while every possible activity was made available to them, Heidi and Bob took a relaxed approach. “We couldn’t possibly do everything offered and didn’t really try.” Instead, they made the most of each moment and enjoyed observing their granddaughter take on fascinating new experiences.

Alaska and Beyond

While the cruise experience on-board was all Disney, Heidi, Bob, and their granddaughter made sure to take full advantage of the glorious Alaskan wilderness they had also come to explore. Experiences included visits to a glacier in Endicott Arm, Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan, enjoying the “rugged beauty” of the landscape and the friendly, quirky personalities of the locals. Other excursions included a visit to a dog musher’s camp, whale-watching trip, visit to Mendenhall glacier, and viewing of colorful totems.

On-Board Service

Heidi and Bob were thrilled with their experience on the ship. “The service and crew were beyond excellent.  The food was very good. The children were the VIPs on board.  They had their own clubs and activities geared for every age.”

Of course, every trip is filled with highlights. For Bob and Heidi, “it was making some new friends, the brunch at the Palo, whale watching, the scenery and making some very special memories with our granddaughter.”  For their young companion, the best parts of the trip included “meeting Olaf, playing with the puppies at the Musher’s camp, and the shows (front row seats for them all!).”

Heidi and Bob’s letters are always gracious and full of wonderful detail! “Thank you again, Cindy!  You never fail to plan the most wonderful adventures for us! We are so grateful to have you helping us and to have you as a friend. Now that we are back home, we will start thinking about our next trip.”

Thank you, Heidi!! We are always happy to hear about your wonderful adventures and to help make them the very best they can be!

If you’re inspired to book one of the hundreds of small ships cruises we have available across the globe, give us a call today. Our dedicated team is passionate about making your excursion delightful, comfortable, but most of all, unforgettable.