A recipe from the Island Spirit, Fantasy Cruises out of Seattle, WA

Coriander crusted Wild Pacific Salmon over cranberry bean and sautéed fennel with orange

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  • Salmon fillet- 3-4 oz (preferably wild pacific, coho, king or sockeye), boned and skinned
  • Coriander seeds, crushed or gound in spice grinder (rough), 4 teaspoons
  • Salt, kosher, 1 teaspoon
  • Black pepper ground, 1 teaspoons
  • Oil, grapeseed or blended olive, 3 teaspoons
  • Butter whole, 2 teaspoons

Season the flesh side of the salmon fillet aggressively with the salt and pepper, after about two minutes press the fillets in the crushed coriander seeds (the salt will season, but also draw moisture which will then help the coriander adhere to the fish)

Oven at 375

Heat a heavy bottom sauté pan with oil until light smoke point. Carefully place fillets seasoned side down in the oil, do not move. Cook approx 45-90 seconds to develop a good crust, until the down side appears to have cooked about 4-5 mm up the flesh. Flip the fish, add the butter and turn to low. Stir the butter in the pan to brown and spoon over the fish. When melted, place the pan in the hot oven to finish cooking the fish through, about 3-4 min.

Sauteed Fennel and Cranberry bean

  • Cranberry (or kidney) beans rinsed and soaked overnight, 2 C
  • H20, 4 C
  • Salt, to taste
  • Bay leaf, 1
  • Thyme sprig, 3

Cook the beans in the water with the bay and thyme, season with salt. Cook until beyond aldente, or how you like

  • Fennel Bulb, 2

Clean and trim the fennel into large sections about 1/8th as cross sections Sauté in heavy bottom pan with very high heat, in 2 teaspoons olive oil to develop a high color. Season with salt and pepper. Toss in the cooked, drained beans.

Serve the cranberry bean and fennel bulb as a base, with the salmon on top. Finish with a light squeeze of and orange or blood orange for some acidity, garnish with the fronds from the fennel plant.