Photo by: By ezioman - Flickr: P1010854, CC BY 2.0,

Photo by: By ezioman – Flickr: P1010854, CC BY 2.0,

Our Chesapeake Bay tour is one of our favorites, due to the combination of regional culinary delights and historical depth. Have you ever visited Baltimore? Annapolis? Even if you’ve been to some of these Ports-of-Call before, you’ve never experienced them quite like this! Our 6 or 7-night departures both offer the chance to delve into the history of the region and feast on fresh blue crab on one of three classic small ships: the American Constellation, Independence, and American Star.

Blue Crab Galore

Departing on October 30 2016, as well as May 6, 13, and 27, as well as October 29, 2017, dates aligned with Crabfest will include a deep dive into the culinary and economic influence of blue crab in this region. However, all Chesapeake Bay cruises will serve local blue crab, so if you’re a shellfish fan, this cruise, taken during any season, is right up your alley.

Deep History, Rich Experiences

Maryland, one of the South’s Northernmost states, boasts a history of settlements dating back to 1600. On this Chesapeake Cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Baltimore’s cobblestone streets and Fort McHenry; historic battlefields, museums, and wineries in Yorktown and Williamsburg, VA; and Tawes Historical Museum in Crisfield MD and a crabbing village on Tangier Island, VA.

By Day 4, you’ll be ready to sail the Choptank River out of Cambridge, MD, and attend a Sweet Tea Party at the 18th Century LaGrange Plantation. In the next few days, you’ll experience Oxford, a small town that flourished during the Revolutionary War and is now home to walking tours and an exceptional local museum; and a walking tour of St. Michaels, MD, home to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, as well as Chesapeake Bay eco-tours of local wildlife and landmarks. You’ll have the option to take a trolley tour through Annapolis, plus tours of the Naval Academy, Annapolis Maritime Museum, and an audio excursion covering historic Annapolis. By the time you disembark in Baltimore, your camera, mind, and heart will be full to the brim with incredible memories!

If you love crab and have a passion for America’s history, this Chesapeake Bay cruise is right up your alley. Whether you book this excursion with your sweetie, friends, the whole family, or even solo, USA River Cruises is here to provide you with the absolute best experience, from start to finish. Our dedicated agents, who have each taken many of our cruises themselves, are happy to book your flights and hotels before and after the cruise, and will go above and beyond to make your experience absolutely wonderful. Call us today!