Cruise like a local – with the locals – onboard one of Hurtigruten’s 10 coastal ships! They’ve been in charge of running cargo, mail, supplies and passengers from Bergen to Kirkenes (above the Arctic Circle) for over 120 years.

Because this is a vital ferry run for everyone on the coast, the ships run year-round. Of course, what used to take 4 months can be done now in 4 hours. You can choose to cruise seven days for the voyage north, six days for the voyage south, or do the entire roundtrip in 12 days! But probably the most important decision to make when you’re planning your Norway cruise is this: what season are you going in? Yes, winter is an option.

  • In Spring, you’ll enjoy the coast in stages – to the very north, it may still be quite winter-like, but as you travel south, you’ll find the land and the creatures beginning to awaken and come to life in the Spring sun.
  • Summer is 24 hours of daylight once you’re north of the Arctic Circle. Don’t worry – your cabin will have blackout curtains. But that means you’ll be able to enjoy the view at any time, if you’re up. Also, more active adventures are available, like kayaking.
  • In Autumn, you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet harvest of Norway! Join the group on deck for tastings of reindeer meat or cloudberries.
  • If you’re going to take a cruise to Norway, embrace it in winter! It’s the best time to cruise to see the Aurora Borealis. You can watch local fishermen bring in their fresh catch of king crabs (and then maybe eat one). Enjoy unique snow activities, like a husky sled or snowmobile trip.

Which adventure will you choose?

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