Viking Christmas Market cruise 2008
Jack and Cynthia, Jerome and Jane, Robert and Linda, Paul and Kay, Nancie, and Suzy — Victoria, TX

What could put you in a “Christmas mood” more than a trip to the Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria?  Decorations were everywhere in each town on our Viking River Cruise last December.  Fresh Christmas trees were on almost every corner of the city centers — some were decorated while others were lovely in just their green beauty.  Store windows were adorned with festoons of fresh greenery, ribbons, colored balls etc.  And then there were the Cristkindlemarkts!  The decorated stalls were filled with goodies, many handmade — ornaments, wooden sculptures, knitted or crocheted goods, candles, jewelry, crèche sets and more, as well as all types of food and, of course, the famous “Glugwein”, a hot spiced wine.

Shopping was such fun, but there were other highlights.  After we docked each morning, a local guide took us on a tour of the town which was always interesting.  Then we had free time to roam through the markets, visit museums and churches or just stop in a small café to soak up some of the local culture.  In the smaller cities we could come and go from the ship at any time since the docks were so close, while a bus was provided in Nuremberg and Vienna.

Our ship was most comfortable and the food was very good, with several choices at each meal.  The staff was excellent and always ready to help.  Programs were presented in the evenings — one of my favorites was the glass blowing demonstration.  We really enjoyed being on a smaller ship — it was easier to meet other passengers and our city tour groups were small.   We had such a good time that we’re definitely looking forward to our next Viking trip already scheduled for next October.

— Cynthia, USA River Cruises customer