Cruises to Cuba, you'll see Havana and moreIt’s like a fairy tale. Across the sea is a distant land – you’ve heard stories about it, you’ve seen it on the horizon, but you know little about it. Perhaps a friend has gone and come back with stories and curiosities that are as charming as they are intriguing.  Such is the mystery surrounding Cuba, the beautiful country still in its infancy of having opened its gates to tourism. As you know, Cuba has had its doors largely closed for 50 years. As a traveler, that means seeing beautiful oddities and treasures that make cruises to Cuba truly unique to the rest of the world.

Cruises to Cuba: Unique experiences & sights

The healthiest coral reefs in the world

Cruises to Cuba, see the coral reefs in CubaThe abundance of marine life and flourishing reefs had scientists amazed when they completed an expedition in 2012. They found that Cuba’s coral reefs—which go for thousands of miles—are amongst the healthiest in the world! Unlike other countries, there was such limited coastal development over the last 50 years, and this has allowed fish and reefs to thrive. Fortunately, conservatories have been set up so these reefs don’t suffer the same fate as other Caribbean reefs, but they are still able to be seen and admired.

Some of the world’s best fishing in Cuba

Cuba’s been thought of by most fly fishers as “the last great frontier”, due to its large amount of bonefish, tarpon and permit. The currents of the Caribbean Sea bring other large fish too, like swordfish and marlins. It’s almost impossible not to catch something big. Cruises to Cuba are even more beautiful when you’re gliding on crystal-clear waters and hard-bottomed flats (and maybe with a Havana cigar in hand?).

A country without advertising

Cruises to Cuba include rare looks into the isolated country

It’s not that advertising was banned; it just wasn’t profitable. Over the years, there haven’t been a lot of things to buy—and many people couldn’t afford to buy things anyway—so where’s the need for advertising? We mention this because it’s an otherworldly experience to enter a place with little to no ads – you’ll get a whole new perspective just how bombarded we are by them in America.

A country-wide museum of cars in Havana

Classic Car in Havana CubaHavana is one of the most colorful and visually stimulating cities in the world. What adds to the beauty are the bounty of vintage 1950s cars, which are like moving pieces of art. In America, they’re rare collectors items that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Cuba, they’re just how you get to work. What happened was, Fidel Castro placed a ban on foreign vehicle imports that had been in place over 40 years (this includes parts, which had to be hand-built). His brother Raul has since abolished this, which is great for Cuban citizens but, down the road, will be unfortunate for visiting car lovers.

The changing vehicle import laws is one of the many positive upswings in Cuba since Raul Castro took over. Since US-Cuba relations have improved, people suspect the surge in tourism will change many other aspects that make Cuba so unique.

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No need to fear, though. Cuba is open for business, and its charm isn’t going anywhere…for now. Our cruises to Cuba are filling up fast for 2017, as travelers want to glimpse this land before it’s no longer the cultural anomaly it is today. Call us to check availability and start planning your trip!