It’s not the weather, nor the food nor the quality of beds. Do you know what can make or break a cruise experience?

Your travel agent.

USA River Cruises staff in front of American Constellation Cruise Ship

USA River Cruises in front of the American Constellation

Weather and food matters, of course. You don’t want a stormy week on the river or a week’s worth of lobster when you really hate seafood (and of course an agent can’t control the weather). But everything starts with your agent; and a good one will find the best cruise, in the best time of year with all the amenities that fit your preferences and desires.

That said, we’re focusing on American Cruise Lines, because there’s many things about this ship that most agents don’t know. It blows us away. So here’s some information that could help as you choose the ship for your next getaway:

1. There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Room

Some interior rooms feel more like a cave dwelling than a cruise experience. When every stateroom is exterior facing, everyone gets a view! With American Cruise Lines, there’s no more scurrying to the top deck when passing those calving glaciers; now, you can enjoy all the scenery right from your balcony.

2. Mobility is No Longer a Concern

Every one of these ships have elevator access to the top decks. This isn’t common for all small cruise lines; river cruise ships are especially known to have poor accessibility for those with physical handicaps. Passengers on American Cruise Lines can finally move about the ship with ease.

USA River Cruises staff on board the American Pride

USA River Cruises staff onboard the American Pride

3. Dining Flexibility

When you’re on a cruise, it’s tough to be held to a dining schedule. After all, most people book a trip so they can be off the clock. Further, they’re often relegated to eat with the same people every meal. Now, with open seating, you can work the room!

4. Rooms to Accommodate Different-Sized Groups

Single occupancy and adjoining rooms mean you can travel with odd numbers and still keep everyone connected (it certainly solves any issues of someone being a “third wheel”!). Another little-known fact is that the staterooms are the most spacious out of the entire small cruise ship industry.

5. Complimentary Drinks and Locally-Sourced Food

It’s nice to have a glass on the house, every once in awhile. Part of your package includes complimentary cocktails and h’oeuvres, quite nice after a day’s worth of adventures. Even better than that? Eating food that’s local to the area you’re cruising (after all, what better way to enjoy your destination than to eat the food where it’s grown?).

So, about those travel agents. It all starts with them. Let’s say you have a party of three and you want to keep everyone together, or maybe you have mobility concerns. A skilled travel agent will know that an American Cruise Lines ship suits your party perfectly.

We know this information because American Cruise Lines told us directly. It’s partnerships like these that ensure we at USA River Cruises always know what’s happening with the ships, and can always place our customers on the best that’s available.

Remember: it’s not just the destination. The ship is a large part of your experience. Choose your travel agent wisely!