family cruiseYou’re planning to take the kids and your parents on your next small ships cruise. Sounds excellent, no? Taking the entire family on a cruise excursion can be a wonderful way to bond with your nearest and dearest, while expanding your horizons!

However, if you’re experiencing some anxiety over how to make sure everyone is happy and gets to do what they would most enjoy, all while spending enough time together, you’re not alone. Planning a multigenerational cruise can seem overwhelming. However, the multitude of shared and solo activities available for all age groups may surprise you!

The following tips can help you plan out the perfect vacation for you and your family. If you have questions or concerns, our agents at USA River Cruises are here to help and have years of experience helping families coordinate successful trips!

Dining Options for All

Small ships cruises offer exciting meal packages with a variety of healthy and indulgent options. If you or a loved one has special dietary preferences, including vegetarian, gluten-free, or another, contact your booking agent as soon as possible to request a particular plan prior to embarking, so we can meet your dining needs, whatever they may be. With multiple dining options available on-board, as well as off-ship choices at each port, there is practically no end to culinary delights for all palates!


Day Trips and Solo Excursions

One of the best parts of small ship cruising are the frequent stops. Each port offers a new opportunity to experience the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the region you’re exploring. When traveling with family and various age groups, these on-shore stops are a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy each others’ company or take off on various adventures in smaller groups, with a meet-up time in mind. Elderly folks may enjoy a historic walking tour, while young children can run off steam at a local park or meet friendly sea lions at a nearby aquarium.

Alternately, grandparents may way to take kids to a local theme park while parents steal away for a romantic stroll through an arts district. By planning to meet up afterward for a meal or to see live music, you ensure that all parties get their recreational time of choice, while still catching up at the end of the day. Bonus? When you’re out pursuing different activities, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase surprise gifts for one another!


Family-Friendly On-Ship Entertainment

Our small ships cruises include some of the most celebrated entertainment in the world. From educational talks to magic to music, there is no end to the cultural delights that the entire family can enjoy on board. Unless specified as an adults-only cruise, your ship will always include entertainment suitable for all ages, and believe us, there’s something for everyone.


Looking to book a small ships cruise for you and your family? Contact our agents. We are thrilled to help you find the absolute best excursion for everyone involved, so you can make memories that will truly last a lifetime.