A kaleidoscope of color is out there waiting for you. Ever since medieval churches began using colored glass windows to inspire and create a sense of other-worldliness, humans have marveled at the effect of light through glass. Throughout time, artisans have increased their knowledge, honed their techniques, and created an amazing array of art pieces that delight and astound the viewer. This three dimensional art form can be found in a variety of glass museums throughout the country. Whether you want to be physically immersed in colored light, learn about the history of glass making, or try your hand at blowing glass yourself, there is a glass museum for you. Here are a few you might enjoy:

Museum of Glass

Tacoma, Washington

A large museum devoted only to the art of glassmaking where the building is just as artistic as the contents. Showcasing works from around the world and include visiting artists in residence creating an ever changing display. Their children’s art program promotes an up and coming generation of new artisans. Don’t miss the famous bridge with exterior displays and a ceiling that envelopes you as if in an underwater garden of sea life and color.

Photo by Gary Windust

Sandwich Glass Museum

Sandwich, Massachusetts

Combining the town’s historical glass making past with the contemporary. Offering hourly glass making presentations and new exhibits to better tell the history of the glass industry in the oldest town on Cape Cod. The town was settled in 1637 and opened a glass factory in 1825. It has been full steam ahead ever since, becoming one of America’s most recognizable names in glassware. The Sandwich Museum includes displays detailing the history of glass making and how early glass makers create glorious colored glass.

Photo by Brady Wahl

Chrysler Museum of Art

Norfolk, Virginia

The Chrysler Museum of Art has a large collection of glass on display by one of the most successful glass makers, Tiffany studios. Their extensive collection offers you the chance to also see works by famous glass makers such as Lalique, Steuben, de Baccarat and many more from ancient times to modern day. Visit the Chrysler Studios to either watch a glass blowing demonstration or even blow your own ornament or glass heart and have it shipped to you.


Halim Time and Glass Museum

Evanston, Illinois

In a stunning private collection of rescued stained glass from all over the United States and the world and also a vast array of magnificent clocks, the Halim Time & Glass Museum will wow you. Located on the north end of Chicago and reachable by the mass transit rail system, this unassuming museum sits inside a large house right in downtown Evanston, just blocks from Northwestern University on a lovely tree lined street. See works of art from all over the world and see masterpieces of stained glass up close.


Chihuly Garden of Glass

Seattle, Washington

Local artisan Dale Chihuly takes art pieces and has them interact in three dimensional sculpture creations that astound. Using blown glass as his paint brush, his art is simply stunning. Fascinating shapes and forms become integrated into his glass “garden.” One of the most well known glass artisans of a generation in one of the most iconic locations in the United States. You can find this long-term exhibit at the foot of the Space Needle.

Photo by Davis Staedtler/Flickr

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